Bridgerton is Paving the Road for Lush Romance Adaptations and We’re Here For It

BRIDGERTON GOLDA ROSHEUVEL as QUEEN CHARLOTTE in episode 105 of BRIDGERTON Cr. LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX © 2020 "How is it possible that there hasn't been a single betrothal yet? I wish to be entertained." We get it, Queen Charlotte, we do and we're right there with you except we're asking how it's possible that it took... Continue Reading →

Sanditon 1×06 Review

Spoilers Ahead Welcome to Sanditon weekly, darling readers -- the tropey-est, most exhilarating episode yet, we’re two away from the season finale and things are getting deliciously captivating. It picks up right where we left off last week with Charlotte on her way to London in hopes of finding Georgiana, except what she finds instead... Continue Reading →

Sanditon 1×05 Review

Spoilers Ahead That cricket match alone calls for some spiked tea, darling readers. Welcome to another episode of Sanditon weekly where we’ve sadly made little progress, but the series is continuing to reiterate the importance of transparency in relationships. The significance of being open and honest with our beliefs is essentially the very thing that... Continue Reading →

Sanditon 1×02 Review

Spoilers Ahead Sanditon’s second episode gives viewers plenty to sit with, good and bad -- a jam packed hour full of some riveting moments that touch on the theme of class and judgement bitterly. It’s an episode full of some of the most cringeworthy statements along with some of the most relatable ones, but most... Continue Reading →

This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

October 13-19 "Episode 8” | Sanditon We’re officially back in business with fall TV and so far, everything’s been utterly pleasing where this writer is concerned, but this week especially, I have not stopped thinking of the Sanditon finale since it's aired and I’ve only rewatched it about 12 more times after that. (More, it's... Continue Reading →

Jane Austen House Museum

“There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” — Jane Austen | Emma Chawton, Alton, U.K. a quaint little house that inspired noted 18th century English novelist Ms. Jane Austen. The house Austen finally finished publishing her first three pre-written novels while the inspiration struck to continue creating. When I learned that the actual... Continue Reading →

“The World of Jane Austen”

The World of Jane Austen On this episode of Marvelous Geeks, I sat down with my amazing cover artist and good friend, Jenna Guidi to talk about our favorite aspects of Jane Austen's world. She caught up on the stories so quickly, I had to get her on to discuss it all. Listen in to... Continue Reading →

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