Scandal 5×05 “You Got Served” Recap

Spoilers Ahead Olivia finally breaks her silence about her relationship with Fitz to the world in a tell-all interview and Fitz makes a move that will likely leave Mellie in awe. Episode Summary: Fitz’s impeachment hearing gains steam as Liv tells her side of the story. Review | Analysis: Since going public with their relationship,... Continue Reading →

Scandal 5×04 “Dog-Whistle Politics” Recap

Spoilers Ahead Olivia deals with the nasty press, Fitz makes a drastic move that leaves Mellie ready for revenge. Episode Summary: We learn quite a bit about our ever-so-handsome Jake, a new Gladiator steps up, Fitz makes another decision that leaves everything on the line and Mellie goes to extremes. Review | Analysis: Whatever this... Continue Reading →

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