Agent Carter 2×10 “Hollywood Ending” Recap

Spoilers Ahead I feel as though the episode should've been titled "Hollywood Beginning" instead. Episode Summary: “Hollywood Ending” picks up six seconds after “A Little Song and Dance” ends, but the enormous explosion is surprisingly not Jack’s fault. Howard Stark returns and with the help of his (strange) friend Joseph Manfredi, the team manages to... Continue Reading →

Agent Carter 2×03 “Better Angels” Recap

Spoilers Ahead Serious question: is cloning possible because I’d like an Edwin Jarvis (do not ruin my dreams by saying it’s impossible because he’s “fictional”). Episode Summary: Howard Stark returns to put his brain to use and with a new gadget we’re able to see that the reason things are strangely floating around Peggy is... Continue Reading →

Agent Carter 1×08 “Valediction” Recap

Spoilers Ahead As always and unsurprisingly at this point, I’m left speechless over the beauty and grace of this series. Episode Summary: After hearing about all the chaos that has erupted because of his doings, Howard Stark returns to come clean about everything. SSR agents accompanied by Howard and Jarvis attempt to put an end to Ivchenko’s... Continue Reading →

Agent Carter 1×07 “Snafu” Recap

Spoilers Ahead “Snafu” was literally an emotional andphysical roller-coaster and I kindly ask that you bear with me as I attempt toarticulately review the intense hour of TV’s greatest Marvel establishment so far. Episode Summary: SSR agents attempt to learn the truth behind Peggy’s “betrayal” but Jarvis comes tothe rescue with a forged document signed... Continue Reading →

Agent Carter 1×05 “The Iron Ceiling” Recap

Spoilers Ahead Agent Carter continues to prove that it’s one of the strongest, most marvelously developed series in existence. And if you aren’t watching yet, there aren’tmany things I could promise you, but I can guarantee that you will fall headover for this show. Of all the shows I watch and review, this one’s probably... Continue Reading →

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