#100DaysofFanFavorites | Day 42

25 Nearest and Dearest 9/25
The Bartlett/Fleming Family (Heartland)


For nine seasons now, Heartland has been the happy show I’m sure many of us have been turning to when we’ve needed to take a step back from the intense dramas on TV. And for nine seasons it’s proven to be one of the most family driven series in existence continuously giving us raw, beautiful moments that have shown what families are meant to be like. And not to mention, Heartland has even done a beautiful job revealing the gorgeous intimacy between a horse and his/her rider. Since Heartland is primarily a family show, it tackles a great deal of different relationships with the Bartlett/Fleming/Borden clan, but a few have personally tugged on my heartstrings the most.

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Spring ’16 Finale Roundup: Week One

| March 20 – April 23 |

Heartland, Brooklyn Nine Nine, When Calls the Heart, and in a sense, Fuller House have ended for the remainder of the season leaving us with plenty of great material to discuss. And for some of these shows, we’ve been waiting a while to talk about them. Pretty much an entire month.

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2015 Year-End Review

Best of Television

It’s truly been one of the strongest and most inspirational years of Television and because of this, we’ve decided the best way to pay homage to it, is to reflect on the scenes that are now perpetually engraved in our memories. These are the scenes that have not only inspired us, but they’ve moved us beyond words leaving us with hope and wonder.

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#100DaysofFanFavorites | Day 21

25 Love Stories 21/25
Ty Borden and Amy Fleming (Heartland)


Heartland is my happy show, and to this very day I’m thankful my dear friend Allison forced me to binge watch all five seasons because it’s made my Sunday nights wonderful. Even when things get bad, as cheesy as it sounds, I can always count on the series to find a way to make my heart happy. Ty Borden and Amy Fleming are perhaps the sweetest version of the bad boy meets a good girl storyline. What I’ve always appreciated about the two is that they’ve painted a healthy representation of a relationship that changes and grows with age. It started off as a friendship, and it’s now one of the most beautiful partnerships on television. Their journey’s been anything but easy, sometimes, it’s been frustrating, but at the end of the day, Ty and Amy continuously play a role in making the other better.

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