Graceland 2×13 “Faith 7” Recap

Spoilers Ahead Despite the heartache the final scene in “Faith 7” brought, the fact that it was an unpredictable and tasteful plot twist made this episode one of Graceland’s strongest. Episode Summary: One of Amber’s men interrogates Charlie because he believes she works for law enforcement. Sid frames Mike. Paige learns the truth about Lina. Carlito... Continue Reading →

Graceland 2×12 “Echoes” Recap

 Spoilers Ahead The second to last episode of any season is almost always the craziest, but how far is too far and is any form of happiness possible before we bid the show farewell for a year?! Episode Summary: Briggs tries to convince Charlie to forgive him. Jakes and Johnny prepare to work with the Solano’s... Continue Reading →

Graceland 2×11 “Home” Recap

Spoilers Ahead After a few surprisingly unlikeable episodes, “Home” was a great representation of what Graceland can be. Episode Summary: Dinner with The Merry Band of Misfits doesn’t involve typical awkward discussions such as what’s everyone been up to nowadays. No, they discuss washing machines, murder, lies, betrayals, and plot a bank robbery. Briggs’ secret is finally revealed.... Continue Reading →

Graceland 2×10 “The Head of the Pig” Recap

Spoilers Ahead The dynamics in the house still aren’t as great as they could be, but it seems there may be hope for it restoring…next season or the next one after that? Episode Summary: Solano Sr. finds out about the sex trafficking operation and physically shows his disapproval to his son. Jakes and Johnny perfect the... Continue Reading →

Graceland 2×09 “Gratis” Recap

Spoilers Ahead At this point, I’m not sure what show runners could do in order to make this show likable again. Also, apologies in advance but because we have a strict policy against discussing things we aren’t fond of, I’ll try my best to discuss this episode both rationally and kindly. Episode Summary: Charlie and Amber... Continue Reading →

Graceland 2×08 “The Ends” Recap

Spoilers Ahead I’m not the only one who misses surfing and nights spent at The Drop right!? 
I’m 100% sure that a night out with the group will cure everything. Episode Summary: Charlie convinces Amber (Brit Morgan) to assist her with robbing the safe deposit box. Briggs saves Kelly Badillo from a suicide attempt then slightly reveals... Continue Reading →

Graceland 2×07 “Los Malos” Recap

Spoilers Ahead The best part of this week’s episode was the small in-house moments where the team were acting like bickering, but loving family family members. Episode Summary: Briggs goes under cover with the LAPD gang task force. Charlie and Mike investigate Sid Markham’s (Carmine Giovinazzo) bank account. Paige and Jakes stake out near the trafficking headquarters... Continue Reading →

Graceland 2×06 “The Unlucky One” Recap

Spoilers Ahead Just as there’s always that one episode in the season you can’t like no matter how hard you try, there’s always that one episode that leaves you emotionally conflicted and torn between everything that’s occurred. Episode Summary: Paige attempts to escape the place where they’re holding the girls hostage with Lina. Mike and... Continue Reading →

Graceland 2×05 “H-A-Double P-Y” Recap

Spoilers Ahead I’m immensely pleased with the turnaround this episode had from last week’s downfall, and at the same time I’m hoping for someone to instantly invent time travel so we could fast forward to next week. Episode Summary: Jess comes to Graceland and lets the team know that they have two more days to get... Continue Reading →

Graceland 2×04 “Magic Number” Recap

Spoilers Ahead There’s always that one episode in the season that you just cannot like no matter how hard you try. This is one of those for me and hopefully there aren’t anymore like it. Episode Summary: Briggs and Charlie go out of their way to get Kelly Badillo the money she’s entitled to from the... Continue Reading →

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