Do the Next Right Thing: A Look into How We Can Better Ourselves

Before anyone decides to dismiss the article because I’ve chosen to center it around a quote from Frozen II, allow me to start with a little story time. I remember sitting in the darkened theatre in November sobbing after hearing those very words because it was such a simple, yet evocative way to say that failure is giving up. I also remember thinking “wow, I need to write about this eventually.” And naturally time slipped by me then the world kind of, sort of essentially started falling apart. Here we are, seven months later, and I suppose there’s a reason I didn’t write something then.

I can’t remember a time in history where something bad happened every single day the way it has in 2020. The brutal and blatantly racist killings of Black men and women in the hands of police offers. Famines, an epidemic, and genocide in Yemen. The constant and horrific threats Filipinos are facing in their own country Further attacks from Azerbaijan towards Artsakh/Armenia. If I list everything, this wouldn’t end. Oh, and let’s not forget the ongoing pandemic that’s causing incessant arguments on scientific legitimacy and face coverings invading human freedom. I’m an optimist, I can often find the silver lining in almost anything but accepting that things won’t get better any time soon has been my new normal. But that’s where “do the next right thing” comes in.

James 2:8 states “If you really fulfill the royal law according to the Scripture, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself,” you are doing well.”

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TV Tuesday

September 30, 2014

Series: Once Upon A Time
Episode: “A Tale of Two Sisters” (4×01)

You have a sister, you’re never gonna be alone other than when I’m not around, and even then I’ll be there in spirit. But that doesn’t matter because I’m here now, and you’re not alone and you know what I mean it’s a nice thing.

It’s a nice thing indeed. What makes this scene worthy of further discussion other than Elizabeth Lail’s flawless portrayal of Princess Anna’s sprightly childlike and compassionate spirit is that it’s ridiculously heartwarming.Frozen and Once Upon A Time have done a remarkable job of celebrating the importance of familial bonds, and at the end of the day, families and friendships are just as important as romantic relationships.

Everyone deserves a sister like Anna in their lives, but unfortunately not everyone has one. And in a world full of ups and downs, what we as people should essentially strive to do is to be the Anna in peoples’ lives. Everyone needs that friend/sibling who’ll remind them of their greatness when they forget. There are times in our lives where we’ll stumble – it’s impossible not to. The failures aren’t the tragedies, having no one to encourage us is.

The truth is, it’s simple to make the world a slightly better place. It’s not too difficult to put a smile on another person’s face. Each and every one of us has the power to do immeasurably great things with our words. If a person’s worth is always acknowledged, their sadness won’t last too long. We can’t tell anyone what to do, but we can try to encourage you to be the person who’s using their words and time to uplift others. Ultimately, not only will your heart beam with the amount of goodness in it, but people would then go out of their way to be good to you as well. Energy is magnetic. Be someone’s Anna, and they’ll be yours. Sometimes it is that simple, because most of the time the one thing everyone needs in their lives is love. Spread love and you’ll get love. Spread kindness and you’ll receive kindness. 

Once again, everyone needs an Anna in their lives, and we can all be her. Lastly, we can/should all strive to be worthy of someone like her.