TV’s Most Satisfying Series Finales to Date

The final episode of a TV series doesn't just wrap things up in a neat little bow, but it exposes the heart of the series. It could make the series absolutely perfect or completely horrifying. Something can be so good until it's final moments where literally it could undo everything. We all know that one... Continue Reading →

2019 Year-End Reviews: Episodes

This isn't a critical review of what makes an episode flawless, it's a list of the TV episodes I found myself either revisiting after completion or the ones that I couldn't look back on  that continued to haunt me long after the credits stopped rolling. These are the episodes that left me in complete and... Continue Reading →

2019 Year-End Reviews: Performers

We don’t all agree on everything, but I feel it’s safe to assume that the majority of us in this community of writers are under the rightful belief that this has been a stupendous year for performances. Especially where limited series are concerned. Vulnerability isn’t an easy emotion to master when acting, but the people... Continue Reading →

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