Character Deep Dive: Marvel’s Peggy Carter

Hayley Atwell in Captain America: The First Avenger Peggy Carter has been, is and will always be integral to the Marvel Cinematic Universe--we’ll even go far enough to say that when the character’s excavated through feminist theory, she’s the heart of the universe. We all have our favorites in the universe, ships we agree and... Continue Reading →

International Women’s Day | ’15

Inspiring Female Character II: Peggy Carter (Agent Carter) | Hayley Atwell There are countless reasons why Agent Carter should be on the list of show’s you are all watching, but the greatest reason is the superlative message the show’s revolutionizing through this statement: “I know my value. Anyone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter.” The quote... Continue Reading →

Parks and Recreation 7×09 “Pie Mary” Recap

Spoilers Ahead Pie Mary is an episode that could only be described as completely and utterly brilliant. Episode Summary: Controversies arise when Leslie decides to skip out on a pie making contest because she doesn’t like what it stands for. Garry loses his wedding ring plus a bunch of other things, and Donna thinks it’s the... Continue Reading →

Music Monday

October 27, 2014 Nervous Girls - Lucy Hale |x| We’ve loved this song since its debut and because we were recently reminded of how wonderful it is, we figured it’d be the perfect choice for this week's Music Monday. It’s important to remember that other females are never our competition. They’re never anything but extraordinary, and if we... Continue Reading →

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