Lady Geeks’ Society Podcast | Episode IX: “After the Rain” Review

On this week's episode of Lady Geeks' Society Podcast, we're talking all things Bridgerton's season finale. The big reveal at the end that we love so much. The conclusion to Daphne and Simon's fantastic story that we appreciated in the TV series way more in the books. We discuss everything from agency to the important... Continue Reading →

Bridgerton 1×04 “An Affair of Honor” Review

NETFLIX © 2020 Say it with us, loud and proud--agency. That’s the fundamental theme in Bridgerton’s fourth episode, “An Affair of Honor.” In other words, the duel—the one where situations get bleak and emotions are heightened for most of the characters. The one where we all have Hamilton’s “Ten Duel Commandments” stuck in our heads... Continue Reading →

This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

January 3-8"Art of the Swoon" | Bridgerton NETFLIX © 2020 Okay so technically, this episode didn't air this week, but we covered it this week, and we get to make the rules. The Expanse gave us yet another remarkable episode dealing with belters and inners, A Discovery of Witches finally premiered in a stunning display... Continue Reading →

Bridgerton 1×02 “Shock and Delight” Review

NETFLIX © 2020  This episode should have been titled “The One with All the Baby Questions.” An episode so well balanced between humor and heartache, it’s hard to believe it’s only the season's second. “Shock and Delight” is a whirlwind of adventures, but it’s also the beginning of vulnerability, and the first exhibition of just... Continue Reading →

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