#100DaysofFanFavorites | Day 49

25 Nearest and Dearest 2/25
Ellie and Chuck Bartowski (Chuck)


There are quite a number of phenomenal sibling relationships on television but none compare to the Bartowski kids. Chuck is home to some of the most uniquely wonderful friendships and relationships, but it wouldn’t be as special without the closeness between brother and sister. When you’re born into a family of spies, it isn’t easy to understand why your parents leave. And before they even learned the truth about their parents’ identities, Chuck and Ellie chose to never abandon each other. We often forget that blood isn’t what makes people a family, but rather the effortless and endearing adoration we choose to give each and everyday. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have family members that love them in spite of all their flaws, but those who are know that at the end of the day, through loyalty, care, and immense adoration, there will always be growth.

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#100DaysofFanFavorites | Day 13

25 Love Stories 13/25
Devon Woodcomb and Ellie Bartowski (Chuck)


Devon “Awesome” Woodcomb and Ellie Bartowski are perhaps one of the greatest and most underrated couples in TV history. There’s never a dull moment between the two and while their story isn’t often the center of the series, Chuck wouldn’t have been the same without them. If you paid close attention you’d notice that the way they love one another is truly ideal. The development of their relationship and all around presence did an incredible job of grounding viewers from a world of outrageous shenanigans that spies go through. Ellie and Awesome are an impeccably solid team — whether they’re comforting one another after a hard day of work or just adoring one another as they did upon first meeting, they’re always a breath of fresh air.

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