#100DaysofFanFavorites | Day 27

25 Nearest and Dearest 24/25 Undercover Agents (Graceland) There are countless TV friendships that could’ve made it onto this list, but Graceland has always been a special series here at MGcircles. And while the six agents weren’t always the best of friends, the series at its core was always about their in-house dynamics. It’s why the series... Continue Reading →

Graceland 2×13 “Faith 7” Recap

Spoilers Ahead Despite the heartache the final scene in “Faith 7” brought, the fact that it was an unpredictable and tasteful plot twist made this episode one of Graceland’s strongest. Episode Summary: One of Amber’s men interrogates Charlie because he believes she works for law enforcement. Sid frames Mike. Paige learns the truth about Lina. Carlito... Continue Reading →

Graceland 2×07 “Los Malos” Recap

Spoilers Ahead The best part of this week’s episode was the small in-house moments where the team were acting like bickering, but loving family family members. Episode Summary: Briggs goes under cover with the LAPD gang task force. Charlie and Mike investigate Sid Markham’s (Carmine Giovinazzo) bank account. Paige and Jakes stake out near the trafficking headquarters... Continue Reading →

This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

July 20-26 "The Unlucky One" | Graceland The key to choosing this scene every week comes from one simple thought in all of our minds: what made us feel the most? There were a few of these types of scenes in “The Unlucky One” but the sheer amount of heart the final scene with Jakes and... Continue Reading →

Graceland 2×06 “The Unlucky One” Recap

Spoilers Ahead Just as there’s always that one episode in the season you can’t like no matter how hard you try, there’s always that one episode that leaves you emotionally conflicted and torn between everything that’s occurred. Episode Summary: Paige attempts to escape the place where they’re holding the girls hostage with Lina. Mike and... Continue Reading →

Graceland 2×05 “H-A-Double P-Y” Recap

Spoilers Ahead I’m immensely pleased with the turnaround this episode had from last week’s downfall, and at the same time I’m hoping for someone to instantly invent time travel so we could fast forward to next week. Episode Summary: Jess comes to Graceland and lets the team know that they have two more days to get... Continue Reading →

Graceland 2×04 “Magic Number” Recap

Spoilers Ahead There’s always that one episode in the season that you just cannot like no matter how hard you try. This is one of those for me and hopefully there aren’t anymore like it. Episode Summary: Briggs and Charlie go out of their way to get Kelly Badillo the money she’s entitled to from the... Continue Reading →

Graceland 2×03 “Tinker Bell” Recap

Spoilers Ahead Tonight’s episode essentially serves as the thesis for the rest of the season. Episode Summary: We learned which bus Carlos Solano Sr. uses for the drug transportations. Innocent women are forced to do some of the dirty work. Jakes deals with the aftermaths of the last week’s situation with alcohol. Johnny and Bates attempt to... Continue Reading →

Graceland 2×02 “Connects” Recap

Spoilers Ahead Graceland has been exceptional so far, and if it continues this way viewers are in for a ride packed with both giddiness and heartbreak. Episode Summary: Briggs goes to Mexico in order to meet with Caza leader Alfredo Armes to see if he has any information as to who sent the kidnappers after Mike.... Continue Reading →

Graceland 2×01 “The Line” Recap

Spoilers Ahead Graceland’s anticipated season return was solid – though it’s still the whimsical and dark show it started off as, numerous differences leave viewers pondering left and right. Episode Summary: There’s a new roommate at the house, Bates (Deniz Akdeniz) or “better Mike” according to the chore wheel. Guns are allowed downstairs. Jake doesn’t... Continue Reading →

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