#100DaysofFanFavorites | Day 52

25 Inimitable Men 2/25
Killian Jones (Once Upon A Time)


There are very few characters that have had a redemption arc as fascinating and as brilliant as Once Upon A Time’s Killian Jones — characters who stumble and fall in ways that are so realistic, we’re able to understand the human psyche remarkably through them. From the moment Killian Jones appeared on screen, it was clear that he’d be one of the most compelling characters on the series. It was clear that his journey would encompass a vast array of life lessons written to inflict hope into viewers. Killian Jones wasn’t always a villain, and that’s part of the massive reason as to why his growth’s been so superlative. He’s gone from a Navy kid with great innocence to a broken man on a quest for vengeance, and through persistence, that broken man found his way onto the hero column. Killian Jones is, in every sense of the word, a man of honor — his choices to better himself out of the sheer desire to be worthy of the heroic title strengthened his character profoundly. In his journey to self discovery, the mistakes he’s made and the temporary setback in his iability to forgive himself  have showcased true bravery in the form of self-awareness. Imperfections and superbly honorable traits have made Killian Jones a character to be empathized with — a character to be cared for, and without a single doubt, a character that’s truly inimitable.

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Once Upon A Time 6×12 “Murder Most Foul” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

It’s okay not to be okay.

Episode Summary: In flashbacks, we’re taken back to the moment where David and James were separated while in present day Storybrooke, David attempts to uncover the truth behind what really happened to his father. Killian struggles with David’s perception of him, and because he wants to take things with Emma to the next level, he needs her father’s blessing. Regina shows Robin around Storybrooke and after a kiss, she learns that he really isn’t the man she fell in love with.

Review | Analysis: Once Upon A Time has proven many things within the last six years, and one of them is the fact that Jane Espenson and Jerome Schwartz make magic together. “Murder Most Foul” was the perfect demonstration of just how fascinating these characters are, and the strength that’s found through honest, enduring friendships. In spite of the horrific ending, “Murder Most Foul” is an episode that’s bound to leave viewers remembering why they fell in love with the show in the first place.

Once Upon A Time is a series that at its best uses fairytale characters to emphasize on real, human emotions. And in a cathartic way, “Murder Most Foul” showcased the importance of seeking help. It reminded viewers of the fact that there’s no shame in asking for it, and that as human beings, we are always enough just as we are.

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Once Upon A Time 5×11 “Swan Song” Recap

Oh, we’re off to see the … Hades?!

Episode Summary: In flashbacks we learned that when Regina chose to test Killian, she had him confront his father after he’d abandoned him and Liam. In Storybrooke, we learned that in order for a soul from the underworld to be brought back, someone living must die. And a hero’s sacrifice saves the day, but because our town savior isn’t okay with losing her love, she’s on a journey to the underworld in order to split her heart. Neverland 2.0 here we come.

Review | Analysis: There’s a reason we don’t often theorize here at MGcircles and it’s because this series always ends up blowing us away — even when we know that certain things are coming. That said, this finale may have been one of the most captivating hours on Once Upon A Time history for it served as a prime reminder of what this series ultimately is: hope. And though we’ll have to wait until March 6 of next year to find out what’s happening, we’re confident in the fact that it’ll be beautiful. As per usual, we’re left with a number of questions and a ridiculous amount of plot holes, but nonetheless, we’re pleased, and we’ve got a lot to discuss.

This season finale was a hero’s journey — Killian Jones’ “Swan Song” where he finally conquered the darkness in a way only his true love Emma Swan was able to. “Swan Song” was Killian’s justified fight against the darkness. “Swan Song” was his ultimate win and proof that we are the authors of our own fate. Love is a profound part of everyone’s journey — Killian and Emma are each other’s light, just as they are each other’s person and the anchor who’ll always bring them home.

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Once Upon A Time 5×07 “Nimue” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Once Upon A Time writers always know how to give viewers a fantastic episode, and we’d say this has been the best one all season. Although we’re sure it’ll probably, definitely be topped next week.

Episode Summary: In flashbacks we learn about how Merlin came to all his powers and the choice he made to only use them for good. We also got a glimpse into his relationship with Nimue and how anger fueled her more than the promise for a great and honorable future. In Camelot, Emma and Merlin seek out Nimue in order to retrieve the spark that’ll unite the two swords, but Zelena unsurprisingly betrays the team giving Arthur power over Merlin. And lastly in Storybrooke, Emma succeeds in uniting the two blades but what she’ll do with them is the great big mystery we’re yet to see.

Review | Analysis: “Nimue” was not only full of exceptional performances left and right, but the episode contained some interesting references to Arthurian legends and the Bible. Most importantly however, it once again illuminated the significance of our choices along with the great strength that’s found in forgiveness and love. Immortality and a life without troubles sounds lovely, but if there were no struggles to overcome, the unparalleled happiness we feel in times of beautiful moments wouldn’t be as valuable. The presence of darkness is perhaps something that’ll always be found in our world, but whether or not a person gives into it is something we’re fully in control of. At any rate, there’s still an enormous part of us that believes Emma’s choice to embrace the darkness wasn’t due to a moment of weakness, but rather a sacrificial act of some sort.

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#100DaysofFanFavorites | Day 1

25 Love Stories 1/25
Killian Jones and Emma Swan (Once Upon A Time)

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 7.10.40 PM

Today, scientists have discovered water lurking in Jupiter’s largest moon, tomorrow they’ll uncover a cure for all diseases; however, there’s no explaining the colossal idea of soul mates. And perhaps that’s a secret God wants to keep to himself. Besides, it appears as though it’s the mystery of it all that makes it that much more immaculate. It’s this mind raveling idea that keeps us up some nights — no matter the time or place, two souls who are destined to meet will always find themselves magnetically drawn to each other. And if that’s not a beautiful thought to think about then we’re uncertain what is. Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis have meticulously created a love story where even in a world of beloved fairytales, it’s the unique story of broken warriors Killian Jones and Emma Swan effortlessly bandaging wounds and selflessly adoring one another that leaves viewers believing in an ethereal kind of love. True love is strength — a kind of magic that transcends time and basic human understanding, a kind of magic we could all use in our lives because it’s guaranteed to make us better. Even in the realm of fiction we could all use an inspiration. Therefore, it is with full confidence that we state Captain Swan is the epitome of an epic love story; it isn’t often a ship sails from conquering inner demons in Neverland to playing royals in the Enchanted Forest, and that would be enough to make it great even without their heroic statuses in Stoybrooke, but yet in alternate realities with limited memories, somewhere deep within their hearts still beat in the same rhythm.

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2014’s TV Hero and Most Noteworthy Performer

“You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.” 

Heroes don’t always wear capes and prowl the streets in an attempt to bring justice into the world, sometimes, the most heroic thing one can do is strive towards becoming the best version of themselves all while remaining a selfless, good person who owns up to their flaws and learns from their mistakes.

Killian Jones | Once Upon A Time

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