The Revolutionary Impact of Hamilton On and Off Broadway ft. Morgan McNair

Episode 33: The Revolutionary Impact of Hamilton On and Off Broadway ft. Morgan McNair


On this week’s episode of Marvelous Geeks, Gissane Sophia and Morgan McNair sit down to discuss the production of Hamilton that aired on Disney+. They discuss the first time they heard the album, their favorite tracks, and the fact that the hype behind Hamilton is revolutionary for a reason–changing the way people who aren’t typically into Broadway look at the world of musical theatre.

We hope you’re staying safe and healthy. God bless.

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Moulin Rouge Broadway Review

Moulin Rouge Broadway Review


Photo Credit: Jenna Guidi

It’s a spectacular spectacular with all the confetti you could dream of, superb performances, a gorgeously talented diverse cast, an out-of-this-world stunning set, and the kind of theatrical appearance the world dreams of. Moulin Rouge is one of the most memorable films of its time, and this pre-Broadway production in Boston’s Emerson Colonial Theatre is an immense treat for its generation. It’s bound to be an award-winning hit you won’t want to miss. Colossal passion all around and heart wrenching emotions that’ll leave you thinking through the night — poignant, exquisitely captivating, and profoundly enduring. It’s worth every penny and more.




The only remaining dilemma now is where is the soundtrack because we need it like we need air! Just wait until you hear it all — Oh my goodness. (Insert Michael Scott gif of “where are the turtles!?) I mean, honestly though, have you all heard Aaron Tveit’s preview of “Come What May“? Because if you haven’t, get on this stat, and now imagine how amazing the rest of the production is. Just imagine.

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