This Week’s Most Exquisite Moment

February 17-23 "One Little Island Girl" | This is Us It has been a week, darling readers, and considering today is Monday, I'm trying really hard not to talk about last night's Oscars because we're saving that for next week. (Thankfully, Katie's got us covered with the one moment that we all can't stop buzzing about, Bradley Cooper and... Continue Reading →

This is Us 2×18 “The Wedding”

Big Three Moments of the Week  And that's a wrap on season two -- congratulations to This is Us for successfully being one of the very few shows that hasn't fallen into the season two curse (aka the terrible twos of a TV show.) It's been a fantastic adventure, dear readers, and we've reached the end of a... Continue Reading →

This is Us 2×10 “Number Three”

Big Three Moments of the Week It is the age-old fact that every choice we make changes the course of our lives. There's a reason we shouldn't challenge the "what ifs" and simultaneously, a reason why we always will. Whether we understand the concept that things happen for a reason or not, we'll continue questioning... Continue Reading →

This is Us 2×04 “Still There”

Big Three Moments of the Week When human beings are put into uncomfortable situations we are forced one of two things. Either we fight for our happiness, better ourselves, and move forward or we allow the uncomfortable situations to consume us. It is harder to fight than to merely accept things for what they are. This... Continue Reading →

This is Us 2×03 “Highs and Lows”

Big Three Moments of the Week Human beings have a tendency to repress pain -- pain that's so vivid, so heart wrenching that when it's felt, there's no escape. And that kind of pain has only one solution, it demands to be felt. This is Us is a show that forces its characters to feel these emotions... Continue Reading →

This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

March 5-11 "What Now?" | This is Us It was once again a fantastic week on television starting with Once Upon A Time's mid season premiere. A fascinating Madam Secretary. A charming When Calls the Heart. An intriguingly heartbreaking episode of The Flash. An incredibly strong season premiere for The Americans. And a wonderfully written Black-ish. But unsurprisingly, it was This is Us which left the biggest impression. When... Continue Reading →

This is Us 1×14 “I Call Marriage”

Big Three Moments of the Week Spoilers Ahead This is Us is special for a number of reasons, but its realistic portrayal of relationships and characters is undoubtedly one of the bigger reasons why people have gravitated towards it. And sometimes that realistic portrayal means that it'll evoke emotions we don't want to feel. "I Call... Continue Reading →

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