Shadow and Bone 1×05 “Show Me Who You Are” Review

COURTESY OF NETFLIX © 2021 “Show Me Who You Are” is one explosive, nuanced title for the amount of stuff that erupts in this episode and just how much we start to see through these characters along with their relationships. And it showed viewers exactly who these people are without telling us too much. (Which... Continue Reading →

Shadow and Bone 1×04 “Otkazat’sya” Review

Cr. ATTILA SZVACSEK/NETFLIX © 2021 “Otkazat’sya”—otherwise known as orphans, the abandoned ones. An appropriately title for an episode that showcases the fact that contrary to what Baghra tells Alina, needing people is not a weakness.   Shadow and Bone’s fourth episode really looks into the idea of loneliness and how it translates into the communities that are built, along... Continue Reading →

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