Once Upon A Time 6×13 “Ill-Boding Patterns” Recap

Spoilers Ahead


Episode Summary: In flashbacks, we learn that Beowulf actually existed during the Ogre Wars and Rumplestilskin killed him. Oh, but he didn’t do out of free will, Baelfire commanded him to. (The kid who presumably hated magic.) Robin teams up with Zelena in order to leave Storybrooke, and Regina comes to the realization that she should’ve never split herself from the Evil Queen. Rumple darkens his soul for Gideon. Emma finds the ring, and Killian pops the question with a giant secret hanging over their head.

Review | Analysis: Every once in a while it’s safe to expect that we’ll come across an episode in our favorite show that’ll make us angry cry. And “Ill-Boding Patterns” was that episode for me — if I weren’t reviewing the show, I might’ve skipped it to save myself from witnessing the hottest mess in Once Upon A Time history. Perhaps, the most unfortunate aspect is the fact that the episode was set up to tell a riveting story, and it could have succeeded if it chose to respect its characters a little bit. It could’ve succeeded if the easy route wasn’t taken. Now while “Ill-Boding Patterns” is probably my least favorite episode to date, it wasn’t without great moments and it finally addressed something I’d been hoping for.

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