Actors Who Understand the Assignment: Celebrating Romance on TV

Bridgerton has done an incredible job of paving the road for future romance adaptations and reevaluating the importance of both inclusivity and happy endings. Romance is not and should have never been a taboo where entertainment media is concerned. Fangirls who ship, read fan fiction, create art, fan videos aren’t doing anything wrong—they’re celebrating love.... Continue Reading →

Bridgerton 1×07 “Oceans Apart” Review

NETFLIX © 2020  What we say versus what we believe can sometimes differ and that is certainly the case in Bridgerton’s incredible penultimate episode. Since these stories do technically end after each season, it seems fitting that “Oceans Apart” would be the one before the remarkable finale. Tensions are running high in the Hastings/Basset household,... Continue Reading →

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