Bridgerton is Returning for Seasons Three and Four

We have had full faith in the series and its potential since before season one even aired and early renewal news as such is always proof of the fact that people want happy endings. The announcement came at the crack of dawn for those of us here on the West Coast and let me tell... Continue Reading →

INTRODUCING: Relationship Deep Dive

Here we go! Romantic and platonic--there are so many incredible relationships on TV and in film that we can't wait to dig deeper into and analyze the daylights out of. We've been having such a blast with Character Deep Dives that this will be just as joyous to do. If this last year taught us... Continue Reading →

INTRODUCING: Character Deep Dive

We're introducing a new segment to Marvelous Geeks and we can't wait to jump right into it. Or in this case, dive right into it. Characters are crucial to a series, film, or novel succeeding. They are the heart and soul of the stories. They are the ones we think of and remember long after... Continue Reading →

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