International Women’s Day | ’15

Inspiring Female Character III:  Leslie Knope (Parks and Recreation) | Amy Poehler Leslie Knope teaches the world that it’s okay to be excited over little things even if people don’t understand you. I get excited over the smallest details and for a while, I believed it was pathetic, like I needed to remain a certain... Continue Reading →

Parks and Recreation 7×09 “Pie Mary” Recap

Spoilers Ahead Pie Mary is an episode that could only be described as completely and utterly brilliant. Episode Summary: Controversies arise when Leslie decides to skip out on a pie making contest because she doesn’t like what it stands for. Garry loses his wedding ring plus a bunch of other things, and Donna thinks it’s the... Continue Reading →

Heartening Inspiration

Don’t ignore your dreams. The road to success will never be easy. The biggest tragedy in life is when someone neglects the dreams within their heart because of the crippling self doubt that comes along with the fight. As human beings we need to get it through our heads that we aren’t perfect. We never... Continue Reading →

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