Chicago P.D. 4×17 “Remember the Devil” Recap

Spoilers Ahead On a scale of one to 10, how heartbroken are our readers right now? Case Summary: When a young girl is found locked up in a secluded area, the Intelligence unit must track down the man who placed the Craigslist ad to lure her and her still captive friend in. Olinsky returns to work.... Continue Reading →

Chicago P.D. 3×19 “If We Were Normal” Recap

Spoilers Ahead Case Summary: When a disheveled female is found hiding out from a man she attempted to stab, the Intelligence unit learns she was held captive and sexually assaulted. When they eventually find the man responsible, they also learn he's married to a woman who'd gone missing years ago with a different identity and he's... Continue Reading →

Chicago P.D. 3×13 “Hit Me” Recap

Spoilers Ahead Case Summary: Lindsay and Halstead go undercover at a casino in order to catch men who presumably go undercover as cops in order to steal money from drunken people. After learning who’s behind the entire thing, Trudy helps the team in the best way she can using her words. Kim files for a... Continue Reading →

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