This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

February 7-13"Episode 6" | A Discovery of Witches It's been one heck of a fantastic week on television starting with a thrilling episode of Miss Scarlet and The Duke. Black-ish dealt with work place mentoring, Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist delivered its strongest episode of the season addressing racism in the workspaces. We got news of Brooklyn... Continue Reading →

2018 Best of the Year Reviews: 10 Episodes

This is always the hardest category to write about but simultaneously my absolute favorite. The best part of it is remembering the very first time I watch the episode and think, "Yup, I need to talk about this for year-end reviews." But it's interesting because I was a little stumped this year. I didn't want to repeat... Continue Reading →

2018 Best of the Year Reviews: 10 Performers

There’s nothing I appreciate more every year than performances that make me want to ramble and scream about over rooftops. Performances that are so well done, words suddenly become nonexistent. And this year especially, the top performers were so fascinating, I couldn’t even choose as easily as I often do. I almost added more than... Continue Reading →

Out of the Darkness and Into the Light

An itty bitty analysis on why episode three of A Discovery of Witches is such a gorgeous hour of television. It’s been a solid four weeks since it's aired, plenty of stunning footage followed, and yet, I can’t stop thinking about how the untitled episode ends. Cue, Lissie’s “Go Your Own Way” the most stunning cover of... Continue Reading →

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