Character Deep Dive: Daphne Bridgerton

NETFLIX © 2020 Daphne Bridgerton isn’t a character I planned to write this for, but after the TV show’s premiere, it only seemed fitting that I take her arc apart, too. And it’s a rather simple one really, which is perhaps why I struggled for a bit—I like Daphne, but I had a hard time... Continue Reading →

Character Deep Dive: Penelope Featherington

NETFLIX © 2020 If not for Netflix's Bridgerton adaptation, people who had only read the first part of the story—the first of Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series of books, The Duke and I—you would probably be wondering who Penelope Featherington is. As an extremely peripheral character in the first novel, her presence is noted along with... Continue Reading →

Character Deep Dive: Benedict Bridgerton

NETFLIX © 2020 Mr. Bridgerton. Number two. Benedict. The importance of saying his name is crucial to his arc and thus crucial to understanding just how layered the character actually is. While this analysis will start with the canon that has been established in the books, we’ll also be covering Netflix’s TV series so beware... Continue Reading →

INTRODUCING: Character Deep Dive

We're introducing a new segment to Marvelous Geeks and we can't wait to jump right into it. Or in this case, dive right into it. Characters are crucial to a series, film, or novel succeeding. They are the heart and soul of the stories. They are the ones we think of and remember long after... Continue Reading →

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