Bridgerton’s Viscountess Kate Sharma is Coming and We’re Ready

Source: IMDB Do you hear that? It’s the sound of every single Bridgerton fan collectively screaming (or buzzing?) into the world because the incredible romance series we all adore has not only been renewed for a second season and we finally have the casting we’ve been itching for! And the second means that Julia Quinn’s... Continue Reading →

INTRODUCING: Character Deep Dive

We're introducing a new segment to Marvelous Geeks and we can't wait to jump right into it. Or in this case, dive right into it. Characters are crucial to a series, film, or novel succeeding. They are the heart and soul of the stories. They are the ones we think of and remember long after... Continue Reading →

Coming Soon: Lady Geeks’ Society Podcast

Dear Listeners, The Bridgertons are coming and so are we. An extension to the Marvelous Geeks podcast will now be focused solely on the infamous Bridgerton family, their books, and the Netflix series that'll feature Julie Andrews are the anonymous Lady Whistldown narrator. What's our goal here? We're just trying to be the Julie Andrews... Continue Reading →

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