Gissane (pronounced Geese-enny) or, as people often call her, "Goose," is a Christ fan above all and a romance enthusiast who's taken her Master's degree in English and love for essays into writing lengthy analyses about pop culture. She is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Marvelous Geeks Media and the co-host of Lady Geeks' Society Podcast. She's a member of The Cherry Picks and can also be found writing features for MovieWeb and Looper.

Parks and Recreation 7×11 “Two Funerals” Recap

Parks and Recreation “Two Funerals” is an episode that reminds viewers that if you have friends, you have everything in life.

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Parks and Recreation 7×01 “2017” Recap

Parks and Recreation “2017” Spoilers Ahead Everything about Parks and Recreation “2017” seems great so far minus the new tablets look as though they were created by Tony Stark, and that’s a future that’s only great in the fictional realm. Episode Summary: Picking up after the season six finale’s time jump, it’s three years into the future and things aren’t exactly as smooth with the group of inimitable beings who once

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