‘Indiana Jones 5’ (Original Score) by John Williams Highlights

Indiana Jones 5 original score cover by John Williams
©Lucasfilm Ltd.

There’s no film or TV show that John Williams touches that doesn’t leave a perpetual mark on listeners. Whatever he composes, we’re going to jump at the opportunity to listen. But when it comes to Star Wars and Indiana JonesWilliams’ work is something else entirely. It’s a part of us in a way that few instrumentals are, taking us back to those very first moments when we heard those familiar sounds. And with 18 brand new tracks, John Williams returns for the Indiana Jones 5 original score.

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny isn’t a perfect film, but it’s a joyride, nevertheless, and an excellent sendoff for Harrison Ford. With it, Williams creates a dazzling original score that blends some of our favorite melodies from the past with newer sounds that will leave the same mark as his albums always do.

For starters, the “Prologue to Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” is a six-minute wonder that expertly takes us back to thrust us forward. Every minute is stunning and goose-bump-inducing, inspiring viewers to stay on the edges of their seats. If I had heard the soundtrack before watching the film, it’d have my stomach in knots (in the best way). Still, listeners know Indy, he’s familiar to us, and like in the film, it’s the incredible characterization of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Helena that leaves us enamored.

And with that comes “Helena’s Theme”—a beautifully mesmerizing number that somehow, wordlessly captures the character’s heart in the same way Waller-Bridge conveys when we look into her eyes. The melody reiterates to listeners that there’s something more with the character we aren’t quite seeing—something promising, surprising, and poignant. In a lot of ways, it’s reminiscent of how Princess Leia’s themes feel throughout the Star Wars scores, but they’re not the same—it’s the emotions Williams captures and strikes through that elicit hope so flawlessly that there are few words to describe it.

When it comes to Indy, many of Williams’ tracks are fast-paced—those are the ones we remember, after all, but the Indiana Jones 5 original score is full of some prolonged numbers that are exquisite. There’s still a solid mix that takes us places. For instance, Williams expertly weaves slow and quick astoundingly in “Centuries Join Hands”—even bringing in the Indy theme to parts of it to take us through the titular emotions of centuries coming together.

The Indiana Jones 5 original score is yet another gem from the maestro, bringing in memorable and new beats to give a new generation of kids forms of hope to hold onto. Whether listeners watch the film or not (yet), the tracks are enough to evoke indescribable emotions that heighten the stakes and effectively underscore the emotions.

Listen to Indiana Jones 5 original score below, and let us know which tracks are your favorites.


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