Music Monday: ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’ (Original Score) by Kris Bowers

Queen Charlotte original score cover featuring Charlotte and George close together.
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The incomparable Kris Bowers returns with another extraordinary Bridgerton album; this time, it’s for the Queen Charlotte original score. Like the stunning covers album, the new score heightens the emotions beautifully while ensuring that even those unfamiliar with the world can still enjoy the tracks.

The Queen Charlotte original score starts with a brand new exceptional theme, similar to the original shows, but different enough to merit multiple replays. Comprised of 18 songs that span about 44 minutes, the album is a true feast for the ears.

Kris Bowers genuinely never misses with these tracks, making even the upbeat ones a must-listen for elaborate tea parties or escapes into a world of glittering regency worlds. Yet, some of the best numbers are the slow, quiet beats that encompass the warmth of the romance for all couples, making the album a heartbreaking hit that carries immense weight.

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From “I’m Just George” onward, every track hits like a ton of bricks, with “Observatory Kiss,” “Who You Are,” “I Am Venus,” and “Come Back to Me” expelling a flurry of emotions for which there are no words. The sentiment also stands for “George Charlotte Montage” and “Come Back to Me,” which capture the fire and frenzy of a plethora of emotions.

The soundtrack is transcendent, engulfing us right back underneath the bed where there’s tremendous heart and ease—every track in the Queen Charlotte original score captures the magic of this lasting romance. “I Love You Charlotte” also couldn’t be more appropriately titled as a track that gorgeously celebrates the queen as the glue that she is in their lives. It’s a stunning, poignantly profound piece that deserves all possible accolades.

 To conclude the album with tracks like “Together We Are Whole” and “Thank You”—extensions of some of the familiar beats make the Queen Charlotte original score an absolute marvel from start to finish. Bowers brings such indescribable sounds to the world of Bridgerton, and it’s impossible not to appreciate every little number.

Listen to the Queen Charlotte original score below, and let us know which tracks are your favorites.


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