Music Monday: ‘Succession’ Season 4 (Original Score) by Nicholas Britell

Succession Season 4 original score cover by Nicholas Britell.
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No matter how great a show’s opening theme is, sometimes we’re too tired, and skipping is inevitable. But Nicholas Britell must’ve sold his soul and concocted some divine spell to ensure we never skip Succession’s theme. And like the theme, the Succession Season 4 original score takes us through the roller coaster of emotions alongside the Roy siblings and everyone who crosses their path.

Comprised of 25 songs that span 48 minutes, the original score is full of orchestral choirs and melodies that easily enamor us all. The Succession Season 4 original score is the best album of the year for instrumentals. It’d be a crime if it isn’t awarded every award for resorting us speechless, to the point where every word feels too small and simple to describe the tracks.

Still, the tracks feel far more universal outside of Succession. You don’t have to watch the show to feel every instrument’s push and pull. From start to finish, each track tugs fast and it tugs hard, stirring a flurry of emotions that can be felt from the most minor notes. I’m no musician, which is likely why words escape me, yet the tracks in this album are ones you could feel straight down to your bones, akin to an especially harsh wind chill. It pinches hard and it doesn’t let go.

Whether it’s the piano, strings, or instruments I can’t quite pinpoint, the Succession Season 4 original score is a masterful encapsulation of a wide range of emotions. So much of the show is an astounding feat because of the writing and performances, yes, but Britell’s tracks amplify each significant moment with a haunting grasp on the viewers.

The good scenes are made great, and the best become sensational. So few albums hit as hard, but this is one that’ll surely go down in history as the type of original score where each note is carefully chosen to represent a wide range of emotions and heart.

Listen to the Succession Season 4 original score below, and let us know which tracks are your favorites.

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