Scene Breakdown: Chenford Discussions in The Rookie’s “A Hole in the World”

Tim and Lucy aka Chenford kissing in their home in The Rookie's "A Hole in the World"

Since they got together, The Rookie continues to throw curveballs in Chenford’s path, while the couple comes out stronger and better than before. That’s the case with The Rookie Season 5, Episode 19, “A Hole in the World,” as the end reveals that there might be some time apart in their future. Only, it’s not a threat; it’s the promise that their love will grow stronger even as they become busier.

And it’s not so much about the idea that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but it’s thoughtfully noting that Lucy and Tim didn’t fall in love with each other because they were around each other but because they sincerely care. It was never routines and comforts; it was always everything in between. These small details make their relationship work better, giving both of them issues they won’t have to bypass but harness through. They might not see as much of each other in the coming days, but in those quiet moments when they do, they’ll be more tender than ever (as they are in the early morning).

The Rookie’s “A Hole In the World” is rightfully Celina Juarez’s episode, and it finally gives her some of the closure necessary to put her sister’s murderer behind bars. Where her character will go upon learning that the officer she trusted was the culprit all along is a long battle that the series will hopefully handle in a way that honors the character’s arc and overarching story with sensitive care.

Chenford walking together in The Rookie's "A Hole in the World."

Because even when the show gets content wrong, it nails everything viewers want with Chenford because it’s in these quiet moments where they consistently prove we are right to root for them. It’s no longer new and budding despite the untried challenges they’re going to have to deal with, but it’s familiar. And in that soft familiarity, Lucy and Tim show us that their relationship is stronger than ever. There’s a gentle ease in their interactions now. They’re both tired to the point where they forget what they’ve told each other, but neither is angry about it—they’re accepting, transparent, and warm still.

This very warmth tells us that no matter what happens with Isabel’s return, their dynamic is solid. In each other, they have the safe space to make the ordinary great and the difficult moments bearable. They’re already showing us that the future they’re carving includes the other in everything they do, noting to help as much as possible with exams and taking care of each other in little moments. Lucy might have to pay the price for pulling all the strings necessary to transfer Tim to Metro at some point, but even that won’t be detrimental to the relationship. Instead, it’s proof that as two people who work together, they will have each other’s back through every darkness that arises.

Chenford kissing in The Rookie 5x19

There’s strength in simplicity and establishing a routine. Whatever happens, their morning ease openly indicates that with every growing day, they’re continuing to stand as each other’s person. The Rookie seems to understand that there’s joy in openly showcasing ongoing relationships that last despite whatever’s thrown in their path. We see it consistently with Wesley and Angela, Tim and Lucy, and even Nolan and Bailey. And while we don’t know if the last relationship is an endgame pairing, we can be certain Chenford is because they match the delicacy and comfort of Wopez’s rhythm by orbiting around each other’s adoration even when the three little words are still lingering in the air. It’s all leading up to what they both know and firmly believe, but we don’t need to hear them yet to know that their love will endure whatever tests come their way.

It’s sweet kisses, endearments, and actors like Melissa O’Neil and Eric Winter tirelessly showcasing that this relationship makes their individual characters better. The sheer vulnerability they bring to the table every time, on top of the careful performances to honor the relationship, beautifully cement Chenford’s endgame every time.

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