Music Monday: ‘Shadow and Bone’ Season 2 (Original Soundtrack) by Joseph Trapanese

Shadow and Bone Season 2 original soundtrack cover
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Joseph Trapanese is at it again, crafting another beautiful score for the Grishaverse. The Shadow and Bone Season 2 original soundtrack easily blends in with the first and expands upon it with 29 new songs. There are some new quieter tracks that balance out with the more high-energy themes. It fits the mood of the second season perfectly, matching every high and low of the story.

I love all the new themes to introduce new characters. Tolya and Tamar’s introduction is brilliant, with a great theme to bring them through. I love how it resembles something we would associate with pirates, given their privateer status. To go from that in “Tolya and Tama” to the Crows’ theme makes this one of my favorite tracks on the album. “Wylan” has the perfect amount of the Crows theme feeling, but it’s different enough to sound like him, making his long-awaited introduction that much better.

Speaking of Wylan, the song that plays when he and Jesper kiss, “The Night We Met,” is perfect. It has that hesitation of new feelings and insecurities, and then them going for it joyfully. It is so sweet, just like them. Another new face this season brings new themes. Nikolai Lantsov as Captain Sturmhond is carefree and adventurous, and “Come Sail Away” fits him and his crew perfectly. Then when he speaks of hope as the King of Ravka as they burn the Darkling in “Hope for the Future” you see the king he will be, underscoring the shift from the prince and his responsibilities.

The quiet moments with Inej and Kaz are emphasized by music that effortlessly reflects the tension, longing, and vulnerability. “Hope is Dangerous” and “How Will You Have Me” are similar in hitting the same beats for what Kaz and Inej are both struggling internally with their desires against their fears and trauma. Exploring Kaz Brekker’s trauma this season was always going to be emotional, and with a track like “Brother,” it becomes haunting. Trapanese’s work this season helps make the emotional moments that much more powerful.

Listen to Shadow and Bone Season 2 original soundtrack below, and let us know what your favorite track is!

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