Shadow and Bone 2×07 “Meet You In the Meadow” Review

Malina hands in Shadow and Bone Season 2

Shadow and Bone 2×07 “Meet You In the Meadow” Spoilers Ahead

Shadow and Bone Season 2, Episode 7, “Meet You in The Meadow,” is vital for many reasons, and the cohesive arc from beginning to end is at the top of the list. Still, this episode works best paired with the finale, resulting in a spectacle that feels like an action-packed Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. There’s little room left to analyze how much this episode sets up and propels along toward the season finale.

At the end of the day, this is Mal and Alina’s splendor—it’s their moment to cement how much they adore each other, why it matters, and the different ways they could eject the Firebird’s power without hurting Mal long-term. Still, we all know that doesn’t happen, but this episode’s purpose is to highlight the lengths these characters are willing to go to to protect each other.

Meet You in the Meadow

Malina in Shadow and Bone 2x07 "Meet You In The Meadow"

Where we go from this episode is a bit frustrating when remembering how losing the Firebird makes Mal feel. For an entire season, plus the bits of Season 1 to establish that they’re each other’s True North, only to then turn around and say that it could’ve been the connection taints some of the moments we get in Shadow and Bone 2×07 “Meet You in The Meadow.” Still, for what it’s worth, their scenes result in some of the show’s most aesthetically stunning moments, allowing for the kind of beats that fans would turn into puddles for.

Malyen Oretsev is a special character, with or without the Firebird. He’s someone with a plethora of heart and a genuine sweetness that Archie Renaux plays with beautifully, making the show version someone who’s effortless to care about. And how he and Jessie Mei Li play off one another works to make these scenes gut-wrenching, whether you root for them as a romantic pair or not. The scenes they share in this episode finally add layers to the meadow flashbacks, reminding us that, if nothing else, they’ll always have those moments to anchor them to a place where everything is familiar—a place where they can still find a home. The story doesn’t go quite like Ruin and Rising, but it scratches the surface in solidifying why the couple works in the long run.

And the visual effects are much stronger this season, leaving us with some incredible scenes (sans, shadow darkness). But the reds and purples and blues? It’s like an Avengers film in every way, which is impressive considering how limited such matters were in Season 1. However, Mal and Alina prove that together, there are ways to cross the barriers. And even the Darkling thinks it’s touching. Or, really, Ben Barnes is just astounding when it comes to his sardonic approach in commenting on Mal and Alina’s relationship. Adorable. Touching. Yes, all of the above.

A King Ravka Deserves 

Shadow and Bone. (L to R) Alistair Nwachukwu as Adrik Zhabin, Patrick Gibson as Nikolai, Louis Boyer as Dominik in episode 207 of Shadow and Bone. Meet You In The Meadow
Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

Dominik deserved better, and the campaign for justice against Kirigan’s Grisha begins now. Frankly, they deserve a far worse fate than they get, but that’s neither here nor there. Shadow and Bone 2×07 “Meet You in The Meadow” is a stunning exhibition of what loyalty looks like when it presents itself as armor. We got mere glimpses of Dominik throughout the season, but trusting him is seamless in every way. His love and respect for Nikolai as both a friend and a king is palpable from the start, giving us glimpses into how their lives were when the world was a little less grim.

You knew his death was coming—it was sadly evident the moment the attacks started to become more threatening. And until his final breath, he fights to protect Nikolai in a way that each of their characters would go out of their way to do because he’s the king Ravka deserves. He’s the symbol of hope in more ways than one because as much as Alina brings the light, Nikolai Lantsov fits the markings of a leader. He’s the one who can be a privateer and a royal, working simultaneously to keep bringing his best foot forward.

Shadow and Bone. Patrick Gibson as Nikolai in Shadow and Bone Season 2 Episode 7 "Meet You In The Meadow"
Cr. Dávid Lukács/Netflix © 2023

The action sequences in the episode merit little analysis, but it’s worth noting how a lot of darkness paves the road ahead for Nikolai Lantsov. Through every attempt to run, someone catches them, making the scene a heartbreaking prelude to what’s ahead. He and the Monster will have a winding battle before there’s any semblance of control, but his heart at the tail-end of it all will matter.

And despite everything, his heart is still full of dangling hope. Where Kaz Brekker has lost all glimmer of his, Nikolai Lantsov still carries pieces with him, hoping to disperse them at the right time—to the right people. His speech at the beginning though bleak, is oddly full of hope. “Hope shines. Hope for a new Ravka. Grisha and Otkazat’sya alike. We will fight for it. May the Saints light your way.” This is who he is—and these are the reasons why he’s extraordinary in everything he does.

Demolitions Expert 

(L to R) Jack Wolfe as Wylan, Kit Young as Jesper Fahey, Freddy Carter as Kaz Brekker in Shadow and Bone 2x07 "Meet You In The Meadow"
Cr. Dávid Lukács/ Netflix © 2023

See, everything we get with the Crows is the equivalent of an action-packed film you could admire for days on end. The Crows never miss when it comes to a brazing entrance, providing us with the kind of knee-kicking excitement necessary. And to show us Jesper’s growth from the previous episode by allowing him to take the reins as Durast is complete and utter perfection from start to finish.

The episode allows the Crows to show off their skills while continuing to evolve as characters. Inej having the Neshenyer blade in her hand while basically going head to head with the nichevo’ya is brilliant. Kaz using his cane, Wylan on a roll with the bombs—it makes for some of the most exhilarating sequences in the show that you could watch repeatedly. If nothing else, while this episode sets plenty up, it reminds us how far these characters continue to come in their skills, which will make the Ice Court Heist more fascinating.


(L to R) Luke Pasqualino as David Kostyk, Daisy Head as Genya Safin in  Shadow and Bone 2x07 "Meet You In The Meadow"
Cr. Dávid Lukács/Netflix © 2023

Genya and David’s love for each other is one of the most beautiful details in the show’s history because it allows us to have a brief moment of stillness where hope for the future could equate to something bigger. It’s a short beat, but when considering the final episode, it’s one that’s full of immeasurable depth. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out why David is asking, but Genya still believes she can’t have nice things.

Yet, with David, every day is about doing something for Genya that’ll make her world a little easier and brighter. She deserves the most expensive stone—the greatest band, the world’s happiness, and he knows as much, wanting to do that above all things to ensure that she understands he’s with her through everything. And God, it hurts, but at the very least, she knows how much he cares when he puts her first like this. She’ll always come first.

Shadow and Bone 2×07 “Meet You In the Meadow” is a thoroughly exciting episode that acts as a reminder of why the cast and crew are fantastic. It dives deep into the corners that are necessary while providing eye-catching moments that you can put on at any time for a thrill, even amidst the sadness.

Midnight Heists and Further Thoughts

  • Did they get these bathtubs from the Bridgerton set?
  • Nikolai hugging everyone in this episode hurt me and healed me and I will never be over GENYA AND DAVID and the rings.
  • “There’s no sign of the Crows.” Yes, I’m aware; it’s been how x amount of minutes too long.

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