‘Shrinking’ Season 1 Biggest Unanswered Questions

Shrinking Season 1 Spoilers Ahead

Jason Segel as Jimmy in Shrinking Season 1
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Shrinking Season 1 concludes with the type of finale that wraps most arcs up beautifully while leaving some understandably lingering questions in the air. Since the show will return for a second season, it’s only natural that it’d do an organic job depicting that trauma, heartaches, and grief cannot be fixed overnight. As much as the show makes plenty of beautiful progress, it also understands that in order to unravel the chaos, it must continue to dig deeper and push harder.

Still, in every sense of the word, the series proves that it’s the kind of show that will continue to get better and stronger, bringing nuanced and meticulously thoughtful arcs to our screen every time. It’s sharp, innovative, and profoundly vulnerable in allowing itself to carve a space for mental health conversations and the importance of crafting a narrative that harps on the idea that sharing emotions isn’t a weakness. But the finale leaves us in dire straits, even after thoroughly satisfying moments.

Did Grace kill her boyfriend in Shrinking Season 1?

“Closure” leaves viewers with the most unexpected bombshell when it makes Grace’s in-therapy imagination a reality. Only the show’s sophomore season could address whether she kills or permanently injures him, but more than anything, where does Jimmy come into the picture, and how will patient privileges help Grace if detectives begin asking questions? Will this also put Jimmy on suspension for making some of his decisions throughout the season?

The season digs into what it means for therapists to become more involved in the client’s lives through Sean, but it could lead to another area of wrecking balls after another when Grace’s actions come to light. Plus, with Jimmy and Paul progressing in their relationship, will this revert everything that’s been done or strengthen them? How will Paul deal with this after finally making progress with his family and Gaby at the end of “Moving Forward?

How Will Sean’s Catering Business Change Dynamics?

Sean in the Shrinking Season 1 finale restaurant business
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While Sean’s arc doesn’t leave glaring frustrations or uncertainties behind like the first question, it’s still riveting to think of how this new endeavor will change or improve the different relationships throughout the show. We know Liz wants to be involved beyond as a silent partner, but will that be the case? Will she play a more prominent role in his growth, or will another character change the course of their path? Gaby finally gets a rock in the finale, but Gaby is also on new adventures—will she have the same time she does now?

No matter, Sean’s progress has been a beautiful exhibition throughout the season, and it’s going to be lovely to see more of him in command through a path he sincerely cares about (and is good at). Shrinking Season 1 poses all sorts of small questions, which will likely come to the surface in due time. With a solid debut run, the show proves there’s a plan ahead to continue making breakthroughs. 

Will Jimmy and Gaby embark on a real relationship?

At the end of Shrinking Season 1, Liz overtly tells Gaby that she could sense Jimmy isn’t merely a safe dick during the wedding ceremony. And the audience can too. There’s undoubtedly a connection between them that extends outside of the bedroom, and with Jimmy being somewhat ready to move forward, will Gaby be the one he does it with, or will there be someone else who comes into the picture? Regardless, it’s beautiful to see that beyond everything else, the friendship the two share is stronger than before, allowing us to understand that in their grief, getting closer works to heal both.

At the same time, Jimmy’s progress could either help Alice with her grief or hinder it. Today, if she’s afraid that she’s forgetting her mother’s laugh, what would happen when her dad gets serious about dating again? It could make a mess of things, but ultimately, part of the grieving pass is continuing to clean up one mess after another, and no matter which direction the series chooses to go in, we can be sure it’ll be fascinating in helping characters persist forward.

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