Music Monday: ‘Aurora’ by Daisy Jones and The Six

Aurora by Daisy Jones and The Six
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The hit fictional album that took the world by storm is now real and worth the hype. Aurora by Daisy Jones and The Six is the kind of record I will tell my grandchildren about. “We get it, grandma; it was a cultural reset. You tell us every time we come over.” A cultural reset indeed—a phenomenon, a bop (do we still say this?), and everything in between. It’s poetry in the facade of intoxicating heartbreaks.

We knew it’d be extraordinary when the “Regret Me” single was released, and I knew lives would be changed the moment I heard “Look At Us Now (Honeycomb).” And the rest of the album? “Aurora” the single, especially? Jesus, take the wheel. The show brought the band to life, and the record makes them legendary. In the words of Taylor Jenkins Reid, it’s “A stunning, nostalgic, timeless album that captures the drama, pathos, and yearning of the band’s zenith and nadir all in one. A snapshot of time, intoxicating and dangerous. That delicious moment that you know can’t last…Daisy Jones and The Six are real.

That’s exactly the kind of record this is—it’s genuinely good. The lyrics are poignant, the sounds are rich, and Riley Keough and Sam Claflin could not be more extraordinary together. How their voices bleed together to create such astounding music floors me. It’s just as they are written—magnetic. Daisy Jones and The Six feel like the kind of band who should be on tour with Taylor Swift, selling out arenas left and right.

“The River,” “Let Me Down Easy,” “Kill You To Try,” “Two Against Three,” “You Were Gone,” “More Fun To Miss,” “Please,” “No Words,” all of it—Aurora is a new skip album. Period. It’s a sensational work of art that encapsulates the best and worst times through beats that’ll stay with us for years. It’s the kind of music we want to last forever, but the one we know will have to end because it’s part of the beauty—it’s part of the legacy—the stories that bled to make each song a magical, haunting reminder of human complexities at their best.

Aurora by Daisy Jones and The Six is a messy, heartbreaking, chaotically breathtaking album that beautifully understands the perils of love, life, and second chances. It’s a captivating array of warmth, rage, and gentle reminders of what matters—the pieces we don’t want to see but the ones that exist in so many of us. It’s the kind of album that paints the kind of picture no one wants to see but the one we can’t stop looking at when it’s in front of us.

It’s a raw examination of human complexities and how the best of us can only come after the worst has its moment in the spotlight. It’s summer car rides, lazy days on the coast, and the indescribable afterglows from tiring days. It’s an endless beauty of sorts that way—an authentic, memorable, and a once-in-a-lifetime dreamlike haze.

Aurora by Daisy Jones and The Six is now available on all music platforms.


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