Music Monday: ‘The Princess and The Frog’ (Original Soundtrack) by Randy Newman

Disney's The Princess and the Frog original soundtrack cover
© Disney

The Princess and The Frog’s original soundtrack is full of catchy songs with a lot of heart, and a beautiful score that enriches the world of this film. The album easily stands on its own amongst the other classic Disney songs we all love. The score and original songs are by the powerhouse of a composer, Randy Newman. Newman captures the spirit of 1920s New Orleans jazz effortlessly while also drawing from blues and gospel. The songs are fresh and entertaining tracks that add to the gem of this film.

Starting off with “Down in New Orleans,” the stage is set for our fairytale, and the cast of characters are in place. The song does its job flawlessly in welcoming us to New Orleans and adding to the exposition of the film. “Almost There” is such a great motivational song anyone can enjoy with that feeling of getting close to finally realizing your dreams. I love that they showcase the work that has to go into achieving your dreams in The Princess and The Frog, making it that much more compelling in its message. It is not easy going after your dreams, but getting to do what you dreamed of is an amazing feeling, which this song encapsulates.

“Friends on the Other Side” is one of the best villain songs with such a great beat and vocals by Keith David that makes Newman’s work even better. One of my other favorites on the album is “When We’re Human.” I love New Orleans jazz, and the vibes are present and strong in this song. It is also just a lot of fun. The only thing I would want more of on the album and in the film would be Tiana and Naveen signing, but the other songs in the album seamlessly add to their development throughout the film.

Listen to The Princess and the Frog’s original soundtrack below, and let us know which is your favorite song!


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