How I Met Your Father “Ride or Die” Review: A Plan and Fortifying Friendships

Still from How I Met Your Father 2x05 "Ride or Die" Valentina (Francia Raisa), Charlie (Tom Ainsley), Ellen (Tien Tran), and Sophie (Hilary Duff), shown.
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How I Met Your Father 2×05 “Ride or Die” Spoilers Ahead

How I Met Your Father Season 2, Episode 5, “Ride or Die,” does the unexpected by pulling the plug on Meredith and Jesse sooner than later. It takes yet another episode and reminds the audience that this show’s most vital asset is friendships by bringing to our screens further proof of why these dynamics work so well in an ensemble show.

“Ride or Die” goes to dramatized but ridiculously entertaining lengths to show viewers that this group is in it to the end with each other. It cements that though there will be hiccups in their friendship, they’re bonded together for life now. And while How I Met Your Father 2×05 doesn’t exactly do anything substantial or profoundly moving, taking Jesse out of the toxic situation with Meredith and reuniting him with Sid is a solid moment worth dissecting alone.

Ride or Die

How I Met Your Father 2x05 “Ride or Die” Sophie and Val have conflicting feelings about brunch with Val’s parents. The gang attends Jesse’s Long Island show. Jesse (Christopher Lowell) and Sid (Suraj Sharma), shown.
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In every way that it counts, one of the best relationships to come from this show is the brotherhood between Jesse and Sid. And thereby, I’m saying this now, if the show comes in between them somehow with another woman (Sophie, mainly as some theories suggest), then I’m out—no relationship should come between best friends. Period. Processing this hurdle through Meredith in their unique way provided necessary and heartwarming angst, but anything further would merely taint a great friendship.

What we get with them is an excellent exhibition of loyalty that relies heavily on transparency with one another. And part of the reason why it all went sideways with Meredith was that Sid couldn’t be fully transparent despite wanting to protect Jesse above all things. Thus, that lack of transparency led to silent treatments, and here we are today with friends showing up in a back alley to be there for one of their own because they made a difficult but necessary choice.

Valentina and Sophie in How I Met Your Father 2x05 "Ride or Die"
(Photo by: Patrick Wymore/Hulu)

But How I Met Your Father 2×05 “Ride or Die” also gives us a steady example of friendships by introducing us to Valentina’s parents, Mark Consuelos and Constance Marie. I mean, Juan and Raquel. Despite Sophie’s obsession with Valentina’s parents and their sickeningly sweet romance that’s still scorching hot today, the two underestimate the fact that their daughter is in good hands despite her single status. They also don’t believe Charlie exists, which I hope remains a running joke in the series for a long, long time. They can meet them at the wedding—it’s the endgame, right?

But more than anything, something beautiful happens after Sophie and Valentina put on a fake fight to show that they’re a united front, giving viewers an incredible depiction of how beautiful friendships can be. Neither Sophie nor Valentina are alone, thanks to their circle of friends, but their loyalty to one another is the best thing that’s come from the show. They have each other through everything, and knowing that’s something set in stone is comforting, considering we can always use more well-written female friendships.

How I Met Your Father 2×05 “Ride or Die” is pushing us toward more drama, but it’s leaving us with notes of comfort in seeing that this group will go to great lengths for each other. It’s also lovely that the breakup essentially happens at a time when Jesse could have all his friends by his side, with or without Charlie’s interference and the grand plan to reunite the rivaling bros.

Further Thoughts

  • Charlie kissing Sid’s head is my new favorite thing.
  • YIKES. Ellen is me. I am Ellen.
  • “Ask them to adopt you” / “I’ve looked into it I’m too old.”
  • Sophie not knowing what “Sophie’s Choice” is both hilarious and tragic.
  • Meredith is actually the worst and I’m glad she’s out of the picture. Too much cringeworthy behavior for one episode.
  • “The world isn’t simple anymore.” True.
  • “Maybe I found it and I have to find my way back to it.” Okay, Valentina, no need to make me cry.
  • Gonna start implementing “how drab” into my vocabulary.
  • SID AND JESSE reuniting is everything. Also fitting that Ellen and Jesse are roommates when they both hate conflict and a great nod back to “The Reset Button.

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