Exclusive: Bela Blvk Talks “Pretty Poison,” Upcoming Music, and More

Bela Blvk "Pretty Poison" cover
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Inspired by artists like Joan Jett, Jack White, and more, Bela Blvk, who’s just released her first single, “Pretty Poison,” sits down to chat with us about the future of her musical journey. Born in Los Angeles, California, Blvk grew up on the scene as the daughter of two stage actors and directors.

She studied Theater Arts and Cinema. She’s always wanted to release music, but it was never the right time, or it was never the right song, but with “Pretty Poison,” the universe just lined it up perfectly, and she knew she was ready. As a catchy, incredibly wondrous track with a stunning voice to back the lyrics, “Pretty Poison,” is one we can’t take off of replay.

Marvelous Geeks: Congratulations on the release of “Pretty Poison” it’s stunning! It feels like a Joan Jett song in the best way. What was your inspiration behind the sound and the lyrics?

Bela Blvk: Thank you! This song has definitely been a journey to make and very special since it’s my first! I’ve always loved music that takes me to a deep place. I’ve always loved the unusual and the dark. I wanted to express all that in a song of my own, with heavy guitar riffs vibrating my soul to the haunting sound that has always attracted me! The lyrics are inspired by my past experiences of always yearning for the exciting and dangerous. Most of the time that doesn’t turn out well, but what’s important is how you deal with toxic situations and come out strong from them. 

Marvelous Geeks: The track’s been on replay since it dropped. What are some songs you’re currently loving?

Bela Blvk: I’ve been listening to a new artist introduced to me by the producer of this song, Mike Aguado! The artist is called Gaz Coombes. “Detroit” and “20/20” have to be my favorite. 

Bela Blvk
©Bela Blvk

Marvelous Geeks: Who are some of your musical influences?

Bela Blvk: Oh man, I love this question. Joan Jett, Jack White, Danny Elfman, and Bauhaus! They’re all such badasses. 

Marvelous Geeks: You come from a theater background, and something about “Pretty Poison” would do so well on stage. Is there a production you’d want it added to? Or, if you could create your own, what would it be about?

Bela Blvk: I would definitely create my own, and it would be about the contrast between good and evil and how you overcome evil by becoming it and controlling your own demons. It’d be about standing stronger than ever and doing better for people. An Evil Queen and dark castles will definitely be involved. (Laughs.) I’m a sucker for fairytales.

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Marvelous Geeks: If you could collaborate with any musician, who would it be? 

Bela Blvk: So many!! But if I had to choose, I would love to work with Jack White the most. His music is very inspiring and always so interesting to listen to with all the instruments he collaborates in his sound and the stories he tells. His lyrics are always relatable and beautiful.  

Marvelous Geeks: What could listeners expect from you in the future?

Bela Blvk: I will actually be releasing my second single very soon! I’m currently working on the date! And I’m also starting pre-production for “Pretty Poison’s” music video, which I can’t wait for everyone to watch!

Be sure to keep in touch with Blvk on Instagram and stay tuned for everything she has in store.


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