Music Monday: ‘The Fabelmans’ (Original Score) by John Williams

The Fabelmans original score by John Williams cover
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Steven Spielberg’s The Fabelmans is an homage to filmmaking in more ways than one, dividing fans and critics with their reception since its opening. Still, it’s an Academy Award Best Picture nominee for a reason. While the film has hits and misses, The Fabelmans’ original score by John Williams is a masterclass in every way that tells a profoundly moving story through melodies only Williams can accomplish as brilliantly.

As the composer whose work could be recognized from miles away, John Williams and Spielberg’s stories work together in an unparalleled way. Comprised of 12 songs and 31 minutes, the singular fault with this score is its short length. While the film spans roughly three hours, the soundtrack should’ve followed in its footsteps because everything we could’ve gotten would have been utter magic.

However, what we do have is a beautifully moving, lively, heartwarming score that captures the wonders of childhood, troubles, and the magic of film. To start with “The Fabelmans” and end with “The Journey Begins” makes the album a stunning exhibition of a steady stream of growth that gorgeously reflects what it means to try. John Williams frequently creates incomparable and deeply memorable themes, and that’s what we get with the titular track for The Fabelmans’ original score. 

Further, tracks like “Mitzi’s Dance,” “Reverie,” “Mother and Son,” and “Reflections” perfectly evoke every emotion possible in their short run-time, giving us everything that is good and right to feel when listening to music. It’s the best kind of original score to write under, fall asleep to (respectfully, in every way, since we’re all sleep deprived), and even drive down the coast under. Every emotion, and every feeling that’s present tells an even bigger story, breathing the kind of life into the film that makes it the inspiring tale that is.

Listen to The Fabelmans’ original score below and let us know which tracks are your favorites in the comments.

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