Miss Scarlet and The Duke 3×06 “The Jewel of the North” Review

Eliza, Nash, and Moses in Miss Scarlet and The Duke 3x06 "The Jewel of the North"

Miss Scarlet and The Duke 3×06 “The Jewel of the North” Spoilers Ahead

In the blink of an eye, Miss Scarlet and The Duke’s Season 3 finale is here! Rachael New and Co. waste not one second as “The Jewel of the North” dives almost immediately into a bomb scare. With a dream team-up and a pompous former acquaintance in the way, sprinkled with some heartbreak and possible career developments, there’s much to explore in this final episode. 

Miss Scarlet and The Duke 3×06, “The Jewel of the North,” opens with Eliza, Patrick Nash, Moses, and William all receiving packages containing a bomb. Curiously, none of the bombs go off because the timer isn’t linked to the detonator. William believes he’s the primary intended target as his package contains a note in Irish Gaelic, which translates to “We’re watching you.” Consequently, he contacts the Special Irish Branch, led by the insufferable Arthur St. John Hudson (Sam Hoare). Hudson deems William’s involvement as a conflict of interest, and William is ultimately forced to take a leave of absence. Meanwhile, the rest of the group (Eliza, Nash, and Moses) are interrogated with questions, with a special emphasis on Nash due to his Irish heritage. During these interviews, Hudson’s incompetence is on display. They argue Hudson is wasting his time and should focus on other questions — as Eliza points out, he should focus on why the bombs weren’t set to explode, but he dismisses her and suspends both Eliza’s and Nash’s licenses. And to add insult to injury, both Nash and Eliza have had their offices stripped and searched for the “investigation.”

Moses in Miss Scarlet and The Duke Season 3 finale
Courtesy of Element 8 Entertainment and MASTERPIECE Photographer: Slobodan Pikula

We also learn that Moses is worried Hudson will start reaching out to officials in Jamaica with questions about him. Without divulging specifics, Moses informs Eliza that he’s been hiding on the move due to specific events. He fears that word will reach out to people who are searching for him about his whereabouts and reveals that he is considering leaving London.

After their respective interrogations, Nash discloses to Eliza that he believes the bombs are connected with a train robbery from last week, The Jewel of the North. Per Nash, he offered his services to the train company as there was a delay in the police investigation due to jurisdiction. The case is currently under William, and the train company hired Nash, who regularly hires Moses. How does Eliza come into play? Nash has been telling clients that she has been working for him. Obviously, she’s not pleased about that, but honestly, this man is nothing but persistent in having Eliza associated with him.

Meanwhile, a very annoyed William heads out to Eliza’s residence after being requested to take a leave of absence. Finding Eliza in the kitchen “cooking,” William suggests they work together to solve the case, as he has no faith in Hudson getting it done. Although a brief scene, it indicates a few things. First, the person that William relies on and trusts most to get this case solved is Eliza. As Detective Inspector, he could have asked any of his men at Scotland Yard to help him and indirectly utilize Scotland Yard’s resources, but it’s Eliza he turns to. Furthermore, she is the person he immediately turns to after being asked to leave. He could have easily decided to drop the case and enjoy his time off at work, perhaps spend that time with Arabella. He chooses to continue to pursue his investigation with Eliza by his side. Last, I have nothing but admiration for Eliza’s determination to continue learning how to cook. Although it’s not her strongest suit or her preferred activity, she takes it upon herself to try.

It turns out William doesn’t just need Eliza’s partnership but team members in Nash and Moses as well, as both men are already hard at work on Eliza’s couch. (And it also seems both men are wise enough to avoid Eliza’s cooking since they decided to order.) Despite a little hiccup at first, when Eliza asks for information, and they all decide to speak at once, all three appear to work seamlessly together once Eliza takes charge. And even though William asks Eliza who put her in charge, all three follow her instruction without any further resistance. They split off, with Nash and Moses questioning the train company while Eliza and William pair up to speak with the bank that oversaw the wages delivered to the train. While questioning Enoch Lyndhurst of the train company’s head office, Mr. Lyndhurst also receives a package with a bomb.

William and Eliza in Miss Scarlet and The Duke 3x06 "The Jewel of the North"
Courtesy of Element 8 Entertainment and MASTERPIECE Photographer: Sergej Radovic

Meanwhile, William and Eliza are on their way to meet with James Bamford (James Barriscale), who says he oversaw the delivery of the money himself. The team reconvenes at Eliza’s, where they are still poring over names and lists late into the night until William realizes he’s late for a dinner appointment. He heads over to Arabella’s, apologizing for his tardiness, and states that he was busy working a case with private detectives, including Eliza, and lost track of time. Arabella assures him that it’s fine and confesses she did have a brief moment when she believed William had lost interest in her. Honestly, it doesn’t look like she’s fine, especially after William quips that Eliza attempted to cook. This seems to visibly bother Arabella, which typically shouldn’t, as the cooking and feeding department is her forte, yet it immediately causes her to have an uncomfortable countenance.

Moses suggests he and Eliza take the bomb intended for Mr. Lyndhurst to Solomon. Upon inspection, Solomon reports that it’s unlikely the Irish Republicans constructed the bomb due to it being military-grade. Moses also shares that Nash has offered him a position in the new branch he is opening up in Paris.

The next day, with Fitzroy’s assistance, William obtains the case notes for the train robbery. Realizing Bamford had lied to them about the number of men who made the delivery, they confront Bamford. Bamford states that his ex-army brother-in-law, Jack Fenton, was involved and provides a list of possible locations where he may be. Fenton was last known to be working at a jewelry shop. Eliza and William decide to head out to the jewelry shop and send word to Nash and Moses to look for Fenton at the other locations.

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Obviously, this is the opportune moment for Eliza and William to scope out the jewelry shop undercover as an engaged couple looking for a ring. And for some reason, Eliza is compelled to sell their story and convince the shopkeeper they are in love. So what does she do? She keeps prompting William to share the story about how he proposed. And here we have a lovely moment when a very uncomfortable William slowly and assuredly begins by making digs about Eliza’s cooking. Then looks into Eliza’s eyes before regaling a romantic setup involving a picnic in the park, blossoming cherry trees, doves, and a declaration that Eliza “was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen and whatever else I was unsure of in my life, the one thing I knew was that we were meant to be together.” It’s enough to make even Eliza have no words for a moment. Duke, just kiss her already. 

Anyway, there’s a job to do, and Eliza acts like she wants a bigger stone to find out if there’ll be any more deliveries. Back with Moses and Nash, they’ve spotted Fenton and confronted him, which doesn’t turn out well. They get involved in a fight and are arrested by Hudson’s large cloud of ego for “obstruction of justice,” leaving Fitzroy to tip off Eliza and William that they’re on their own.

Mr. Lyndhurst arrives looking for Eliza and leads them to Fenton’s address. While searching his flat, Eliza admits to William that she would prefer a ring with a smaller stone and that she more so enjoys unwrapping a gift box and bow, to which William responds that he will keep that in mind. Why would you need to keep that in mind, William, hmm?

MASTERPIECE Mystery! Miss Scarlet and The Duke Season 3 Episode 6  "The Jewel of the North" William and Eliza
Courtesy of Element 8 Entertainment and MASTERPIECE Photographer: Slobodan Pikula

They continue searching the flat, and William accidentally finds a bomb when opening a suitcase. Pleading Eliza to leave as it appears to be triggered, William states he will try to close the suitcase when she goes. Refusing to comply, Eliza states that she has been reading up on bombs and thinks she knows which wire to cut. She’s successful in her attempt by cutting all three wires. Upon further inspection of the dynamite stick, Eliza and William realize that Mr. Lyndhurst was behind the train robbery with Fenton as they both served together. With Lyndhurst apprehended, William is reinstated and promises to have Moses and Nash let go. Hudson is also out of the picture, but that’s fine; I doubt I’ll miss him.

Outside Scotland Yard, they speak of Arabella, and William mentions how he has not seen much of Eliza lately. William declares that he misses Eliza’s company and wishes to resume their monthly dinners. And dare I say it; there is a little pep in his step as he genuinely seems to be happy to be spending some time with Eliza, despite the circumstances. However, Eliza puts a pin in that discussion by asking William how Arabella would feel about him spending time with her.

Later in Miss Scarlet and The Duke 3×06 “The Jewel of the North,” Eliza comes by Fitzroy’s training lesson with Moses. Eliza updates Moses on the arrests and gives Moses a parting gift — a French dictionary. Moses admits to Eliza that he is still thinking about the offer to Paris but that he is still open to working in the meantime. Eliza encourages Moses to come up with a plan, but Moses provides some wise words instead. He informs Eliza that she wants many things, but he advises her to choose just one.

We then cut to Arabella’s, where William is apparently late again for a dinner reservation and apologizing. Unfortunately for William, Arabella has no intention going out to dinner. Citing that William talks incessantly of Eliza, Arabella deduces that he is in love with her unless William can convince Arabella otherwise. And unfortunately for Arabella, William does not deny it. She advises William that he’ll only be disappointed because Eliza only cares about her ambition before leaving him to see himself out.

Back at her office, Eliza finds a wrapped box with a bow. Before you start freaking out, as I’m sure your thoughts immediately flash of Eliza and William’s previous conversation, it’s not from William. We cut to Nash’s office, where Eliza confronts him about the business cards he left for her. Nash tells Eliza that he wants her in charge of the London office as he heads up the Paris branch, leaving her with a staff of twenty men and her own office. The finale ends with Eliza seemingly considering Nash’s offer, but before we can find out her response.

Well, friends, there was a lot that happened in Miss Scarlet and The Duke 3×06 “Jewel of the North.” For the first time, we’ve seen someone directly confront William or Eliza about their relationship and their feelings. Now that William has somewhat made his feelings known about Eliza, will he share them with Eliza? Or will this alter their relationship even more? It’ll be curious to see how it all plays out as Eliza’s the more Eliza’s career ambitions are fulfilled, the more her relationship with William slips away.

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