How I Met Your Father “The Reset Button” Review: Who’s Kissing Whom?

How I Met Your Father 2x03 "The Reset Button" featuring Valentina and Sophie
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How I Met Your Father 2×03 “The Reset Button” Spoilers Ahead

Sophie talks a lot about kissing in How I Met Your Father Season 2, Episode 3, “The Reset Button,” and yet, none of the kissing happens. It’s a little disappointing, but it’s fine because after last week’s “Midwife Crisis,” it’s once again nice to see dynamics split apart to allow us more time with different versions of each of them.

That said, this week’s episode does even more than last week’s did because it ultimately shows us how entwined everyone is even when they’re apart. It also exhibits that Sophie and Jesse do indeed work well together. At the same time, it gives us much more of Hannah, which the series has been lacking since it began. But perhaps the most riveting thing is how it allows Charlie to step forward in an almost unexpected way for his character, and it’s precisely what makes the episode solid.

The Reset Button

How I Met Your Father 2x03 “The Reset Button” - Season 2 Episode 3 -- After selling her portrait, Sophie recruits Jesse to help her impress the buyers. Val and Ellen go on a double date. Charlie forces a reluctant Sid and Hannah into a double date in reaction to Val. Hannah (Ashley Reyes), Sid (Suraj Sharma), and Charlie (Tom Ainsley) shown.
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How I Met Your Father 2×03 “The Reset Button” seems most appropriately titled for Charlie because his move to do something outside of character is a big deal. While the double date is Sid and Hannah’s rightfully selfish attempt to get airline points, it gives them all reasons and ways to bond that look inward toward hopefully strengthening the friend group. There’s a lot that can be said about how Charlie and Valentina are good for each other, but the apparent differences in what they want their future to look like isn’t something that can be taken lightly. Both of them need to work on ensuring that if they do step forward again, the other’s agency is honored, and they grow in authentic ways.

The interesting thing about Charlie is that as homesick as he once was, New York is his home now, and learning to be here as his own person makes for an incredible character journey. He isn’t just in it for Valentina anymore, but he’s dipping his feet into every pool possible to make his move worthwhile. This choice requires his reset button to rework everything he knows as Valentina’s boyfriend to do things his way. And in many forms, this separation will make their eventual endgame that much better—if they get there, of course. For Charlie, last week was all about helping Ellen get Rachel’s attention, and this week it’s all about the steps he needs to take to try. The sheer effort alone is significant, and getting there with Sid and Hannah, of all people, makes the episode that much funnier. 

Uncomfortable Conflicts

Valentina and Ellen in How I Met Your Father Season 2, Episode 3 "The Reset Button"
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Ellen and Rachel seem great together, but the rising issues with Valentina were a fascinating way to disclose a critical fact about Ellen. She has trouble dealing with people arguing, and whether that comes from her family or an experience she had elsewhere, the series would be wise to take everything we learn in “The Reset Button” and unpack it later in therapy. How I Met Your Father is great as an ensemble series, which essentially requires it to show us more of each character. There’s a lot about Ellen that we still need to know, but understanding her separation anxiety (which we get glimpses of in “Cool and Chill” when she finds out about Jesse’s departure) is another step alongside this one.

Still, it’s also interesting to see Valentina and Rachel go head-to-head in further understanding that maybe, just maybe, if they are going to be friends, it’ll be a long way to get there. Right now, it’s about unpacking Ellen and finding out whether Rachel is right for her. So far, it’s easy to see that she cares, so we’re on a significant step toward seeing at least one relationship without complications.

Working Well Together

How I Met Your Father 2x03 “The Reset Button” Jesse (Christopher Lowell) and Sophie (Hilary Duff), shown.
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The most interesting thing about How I Met Your Father 2×03 “The Reset Button” is how it continues to set up Sophie and Jesse as a team. It’s hard not to root for them when we get episodes like this that clearly distinguish how well they work together, along with the undeniable chemistry that’s still brimming inside. So much of the reason Sophie’s photo is as great is because of the moment in time it’s tied to. Putting aside every bonkers word out of the buyer’s mouth (whose name I can’t remember and don’t even want to bother looking up because men!), the photograph’s beauty comes from how Sophie sees Jesse. 

He isn’t a macho manly man who’d ever think that women are beneath him, but instead, Jesse sees not only the beauty of chasing after one’s dreams, but he sees Sophie’s gifts clear as day. He’s willing to support her through everything while holding her hand through it all and admitting that he would’ve never called Meredith if he thought she’d come back shows this boldly. Jesse and Sophie work great together because they admire each other. They believe in each other despite all odds, and there’s something promising about that detail throughout this entire process. He’s the obvious choice in so many ways, and knowing that this show could subvert expectations because the endgame is so apparent is both terrifying and exhilarating.

How I Met Your Father 2×03 “The Reset Button” is a fun step toward where we’re going, which there’s no predicting at this point. It’s the kind of episode that continues to show why friendships are so incredible above all things, even when the show’s central theme is romance. How we continue to focus on friendship remains its strength at the moment. 

Further Thoughts

  • Will we ever learn what Hannah had to do for those airline miles or is our imagination enough?
  • Again, where is Barney?
  • I, for one, cannot wait to see how the photograph finds its way back to Sophie.
  • I need Sid and Hannah to last okay? I don’t know how I’ll handle a breakup between those two. Don’t make me do it.
  • Ellen unpacking her issues with conflicts was a gut punch. Been there.
  • When will we see all the kissing? When?

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