Music Monday: ‘Wednesday’ (Original Score) by Danny Elfman and Chris Bacon

Wednesday original score cover art
©Lakeshore Records

We’ve already established that Netflix’s Wednesday is a hit in every way. From Jenna Ortega’s brilliant performances to the riveting narrative arc, there’s a reason the new series continues to soar through streaming heights. Further, and luckily for us, the Wednesday original score, composed by the great Danny Elfman and Chris Bacon, is a lengthy delight we’re still replaying over and over. 

Comprised of 48 tracks, the original score spans an hour and forty-eight minutes, with almost every musical number featured in the show’s debut season. Elfman’s whimsically spooky melodies are crucial in heightening stakes and making every spark within the score feel like a dazzling, chaotic ride. I had forgotten that Elfman would be the one composing the soundtrack for a moment, but the second I heard the show’s theme in the first episode, I screeched, knowing exactly whose signature style we’d be blessed with.

Further, while we usually have a list of favorite tracks we pick from most original scores, it’s not easy with the Wednesday original score, which ultimately means that so much of it is too great to choose from. And said choices generally happen based on the mood we’re in. 

When it comes to fantasy soundtracks, they need to feel alive, brimming with emotions even while we aren’t watching scenes come to life in front of us, and that’s the case here. This soundtrack is alive-—boisterous and screaming and perfectly encapsulates the Addams heart in every way. It’s also going to be the kind of soundtrack that’ll make spooky season from here on out that much more enticing. For ultimately, though this score fits this version of Wednesday Addams most seamlessly, something about it still feels universal to every Addams Family adaption that’s come before it. Elfman and Bacon have established the perfect tone with this score, making it worthy of great acclaim.

Listen to the Wednesday original score below, and let us know which tracks are your favorite.


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