Music Monday: ‘Glass Onion’ (Original Score) by Nathan Johnson

Glass Onion original score by Nathan Johnson cover
©Netflix Music

Rian Johnson‘s Glass Onion: A Knives Out Story is the complete package, and that includes its exceptionally composed original score. In the same way we have had Nathan Johnson‘s work for Knives Out on replay all autumn long to keep the spooky season vibes going, we’re happy to confirm the Glass Onion original score is also a bop. And maybe even more so because we’ve been haunted by it since we first watched the film.

An excellent original score is supposed to be transportive, and this sequel’s music certainly is—comprised of 27 songs that last precisely an hour; every millisecond thrusts the narrative forward while leaving us entranced by the scope of its sound. There are familiar beats within the score that can quickly be drawn back to the original, cementing both Nathan Johnson’s style and, at the same time, the tone in both stories. It’s a whodunit; it’s almost inevitable, but perhaps that’s why it’s fantastic in all it accomplishes.

The theme for Glass Onion alone is a masterful track to kick the story forward while exhibiting where this story’s importance lies. It’s the title, of course, it’s essential, but unless you’ve seen the film, then you know exactly what the beats are trying to do and exactly how they get there.

Additionally, because this film takes place in a more tropical location outside the crunchy leaves and old manor, there’s something about the soundtrack that feels universal to every season. While you could listen to whodunit scores year round, the vibes are more immaculate when paired with the right time. That said, both Rian Johnson and Nathan Johnson are establishing recognizable tones that’ll make those paying close attention cheer in unison. Or, perhaps point to the screen, just like the Leonardo DiCaprio meme.

While we’d generally point out which tracks we’re currently obsessing over, with the Glass Onion original score, it’s the entire album—no skips. Listen to the Glass Onion original score below, and let us know which tracks are your favorite.


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