‘Fit For Christmas’ Review: Amanda Kloots Should Star in More Movies

CBS holiday special FIT FOR CHRISTMAS, scheduled to air on the CBS Television Network.
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Amanda Kloots is one of the most infectiously joyful people in the industry, and no matter where CBS’ Fit for Christmas chose to go, it would’ve been a blast to watch her. Thankfully, this is a holiday romance, which means we’re getting the happy ending we deserve, despite the hiccups that arise. 

The plot is one of the more tired, worn-out holiday tropes, but the screenplay and performances make every moment feel right and believable. The only thing that doesn’t work is the ex-boyfriend’s involvement. But that might be a “me thing” if we examine this closely. Still, the film works entirely because of Kloots’ spirit, and that’s something that we need to harp on. She’s the undeniable star of the film, and as an actual fitness instructor, she makes the career path believable, and her passion makes it feel genuinely motivational.

Pictured: Paul Greene and Amanda Kloots.
Photo: Michael Courtney/CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.

If you’ve followed Amanda Kloots on social media, you are likely aware that her husband, Broadway star Nick Cordero passed after Covid-19 complications. Since then (and before), Kloots has used her platform to showcase what a true gift it is to be able to move our bodies. She started “Hooray For” tees to give back to communities and motivate people. Sometimes, fitness gurus can pose toxic threats on social media. There’s no denying that diet culture and new social media trends often contribute to body dysmorphia and do more harm than good. But Kloots’ stance is different. It’s genuine, and it truly is all about moving our bodies to be healthy.

And sometimes, people write the story they know, which in this case, works to showcase a side of social media that’s not only honest but sincerely healthy. Fit For Christmas is about recognizing one’s gifts and using them to inspire others. Sure, a town like Mistletoe is a holiday cliche (in the best way), but preserving every corner of it instead of demolishing it is entirely due to the people who live there. It’s about using one’s platform and voice to spread the type of good news that’ll help people thrive. And, considering we can’t even get gingerbread lattes at chain coffee shops anymore, I’d do anything to keep the local coffee shop that sells them afloat. 

While the bits with Audrey’s ex-boyfriend were a whole lot of meh, the corporate, seemingly big bad grinch, I mean Griffin, sweeping in to steal the Christmas aficionado’s heart is a trope that might never get old. Paul Greene has been around in the holiday game for a long time, but never has his character been more delightful than when acting alongside Kloots’ Audrey. Once it became clear that Griffin’s vision wasn’t entirely malicious, it became easier to root for them as a pair. Simultaneously, his choices to try out everything in this town while looking at Audrey like she invented Christmas made for the kind of swoony moments we all long for this time of year.

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At the end of the day, Fit For Christmas is about understanding the perils of heartache and how they thrust a person forward when leading with love. Both Audrey and Griffin lost their mothers, choosing to work in such a way that honored them while their grief shaped them into the person they are. Though this isn’t an outright theme throughout the film, it’s obvious enough for anyone paying close attention. And it’s the kind of important detail that brings heart and passion into the film. 

Fit For Christmas is now streaming on Paramount Plus.


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