‘A Royal Corgi Christmas’ Review

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Hallmark’s A Royal Corgi Christmas is every dog lover’s dream come true; after concluding the film, we’ll all be itching for a corgi just like Mistletoe. Imagine the strength on that pup’s back to carry the entire movie on its back—astounding, truly, never been done before. 

Now, whether viewers will enjoy the film depends entirely on where monarch tropes stand in their palettes. Because it’s seldom a favorite of mine, I tend not to be too fond of the romances because I’m already burnt out from the trope. While I thoroughly enjoyed Hallmark’s A Royal NannyI’ve run myself dry with the trope. Still, if the trope is one of your favorites, then there’s a high chance A Royal Corgi Christmas will work for you. 

Corgi Mistletoe in Hallmark's A Royal Corgi Christmas

The most appealing part of this film is that, in the end, Prince Edmond (Jordan Renzo) gives up the throne in order to follow Cecily (Hunter King) to Brooklyn, New York. Can we get a round of applause for the fact that it’s not the girl who leaves it all behind, but the man!? Yes, please. More of this. Further, while the chemistry between the duo mainly works, there are beats where it feels as though Mistletoe is thrusting the plot forward instead of character development. While this might not be a big deal generally, when the trope already feels hard to believe, it can be challenging to look past this.

However, every scene involving the puppies and training was too sweet, hilarious, and the kind of joy anyone could want in a holiday film. (I wouldn’t trust a person who doesn’t deem Mistletoe the star of this film. Period.)

Hunter King and Jordan Renzo in A Royal Corgi Christmas

That said, Edmond and Cecily had their precious moments, namely their scene at the library and Mistletoe regarding both of them as his person. There’s nothing quite like two people bonding in a stunning library, even if the Christmas tree needed far more decorations than there were. The quiet moments between Edmond and Cecily, where they got to know one another, worked well enough to make their relationship believable for the audience.

In their means of training the dog, it’s perfectly understandable why he’d get attached to both of them. And up until the Corgi race, much of the film works as a delightful set-up. Where it ultimately loses itself is everything that has to do with it “Royal Corgi Trainor” Carrington’s over-dramatic antics. The man was a snake in sheep’s clothing, but not the compelling villain kind. It’s a good thing Princess Victoria (Julie Lamberton) dumps him on screen when he finally shows his true colors.

A Royal Corgi Christmas provides just enough holiday warmth that adding the film to your watchlist won’t be even the slightest bit disappointing. There’s something to enjoy for everyone and so many adorable puppy shenanigans that it’s truly the best part of it all. The romance ends with a happy ending that allows both characters to find pieces of themselves they want and need, along with ways to move forward and grow. All in all, it’s solid fun. 

A Royal Corgi Christmas is now streaming on Peacock and Frndly TV.


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