Miss Scarlet and The Duke 2×06 “The Proposal” Review

Miss Scarlet and The Duke 2×06 “The Proposal” Spoilers Ahead

MASTERPIECE Mystery! "Miss Scarlet and The Duke" Season 2 Episode Six Sunday, November 20, 2022; 8-9pm ET on PBS While Eliza and the Duke struggle with their relationship, private investigator Nash is shot just as Eliza agrees to work with him. As Eliza and Moses work to solve the attempted murder, they realize the real target of the shooting was Eliza herself. Shown: Kate Phillips as Eliza Scarlet For editorial use only.
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And they save the best for last. Greetings and good day, readers! We’ve got the Season 2 finale of Miss Scarlet and The Duke freshly etched in our minds, and there’s plenty to discuss. So I hope you’re all settled and comfy because there is a lot to go over, and I am sure all you Eliza and William fans are eager to discuss William’s “promotion” to Glasgow. Oh, and as much as I’m sure viewers had something to say about last week’s ending, we’re all flapping our arms maniacally after “The Proposal.”

The episode opens with Eliza and William rehearsing their goodbyes before dinner as William prepares to leave for Glasgow. Whether they’d like to admit it or not, William’s impending departure and losing the other is weighing on their minds. Both appear to have been putting a lot of thought into their parting words as they try to navigate through their imaginary discussions with deliberate politeness and avoidance of hurting the other’s feelings. As Ivy tells Eliza, it’s not often that Eliza talks to herself and the mirror.

Felix Scott as Patrick Nash and Kate Phillips as Eliza Scarlet in Miss Scarlet and The Duke 2x06 "The Proposal"
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Before Eliza and William have dinner, Eliza is visited by the ever-charming Nash with a job offer. Nash explains he’s too busy and has been referring turned-down clients to Eliza (and charging a finder’s fee, of course.) He also proposes hiring Eliza to work on the cases he turns away, arguing that Eliza “is surviving, not thriving.” Nash also tries to entice Eliza by pointing out that she’ll no longer have connections with Scotland Yard once William leaves. Still, Eliza refuses.

Now, back to dinnertime. Remember those supportive rehearsed speeches so eloquently prepared by Eliza and William? Toss them out the window. We manage to get through Eliza giving a parting present and drinks before it starts falling apart. William barely manages to get through the first sentence of his speech before Eliza finds fault in it. True to their fashion, they get into a slight spat.

William smiling at Eliza in Miss Scarlet and The Duke Season 2 finale

In Miss Scarlet and The Duke 2×06 “The Proposal,” we learn that Eliza is the only one aware of the true reason why William is leaving for Glasgow, and Eliza, in the spur of the moment, suggests William come and work for her. This idea offends William, who thinks that it would damage his reputation and blames Eliza for putting her ambitions over the potential fallout it could bring to him, and storms out before they even have dinner. Sounds about right. 

Let’s analyze this little exchange, shall we? I sincerely doubt that Eliza intended to hurt William’s feelings when offering him to work for her. The notion came about from her wanting him to stay and due to Eliza sensing that he wanted it as well. To her, she sees it as a perfectly good reason for him to remain in London and allow them to continue spending time together.

However, this is not the first time William has expressed that Eliza has placed her ambitions above him, so it’s not unexpected for him to get heated. But, his mentioning that working for her would be demeaning was rather a rude remark and insulting to Eliza as well, especially since he has better knowledge than anyone about how hard it is for Eliza to work as a female private detective. These two, honestly. They’ll jump in front of guns but chicken out every time their feelings for each other get in the way and deflect with their usual combativeness.


They’re probably also So while those two take some time to simmer down, Eliza heads toward her office. Back at Scotland Yard, Superintendent Munro informs William that Fitzroy will lead the subsequent investigation while William supervises. At Eliza’s office, she has the distinct pleasure (depending on who you’re talking to) of speaking with Mrs. Parker, who wants Eliza to run background checks on more potential husbands for Hattie. Eliza declines, stating that Hattie deserves to be happy with someone she loves. And by divine intervention, Mrs. Parker and Eliza have a genuine, albeit brief, heartfelt conversation. frustrated with their own selves and are projecting it onto the other, but that’s just the psychology education in me talking. 

Mrs. Parker remarks that despite choosing not to remarry after her husband’s death because she felt her life was full with her son, she now dwells about what could have been having had she not chosen to remain alone, which seems to stick with Eliza.

Kate Phillips as Eliza Scarlet and Ansu Kabia as Moses in Miss Scarlet and The Duke 2x06 "The Proposal"
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Eliza pays Nash a visit and agrees to work with him on trial. Just as they agree to her terms, Nash is shot down three times in the leg by an unknown assassin. Nash requests Eliza to find the assassin, stating that he trusts her due to her open dislike of him. Eliza enlists the aid of Moses after stealing one of the bullets from Fitzroy. And boy, I love watching Moses and Eliza working together. Not only is Moses charming in his own way, but his relationship with Eliza is also different from her relationship with William. Although he is protective of Eliza and will warn her to stay away from dangerous situations, he recognizes that he and Eliza share the same free spirit. He knows she’s too stubborn in her ways but will always have her back by helping her when she needs it.

The two pairs conduct the investigation separately — Eliza and Moses while Fitzroy leads his case under William’s watchful eye. During their respective investigations, both pairs learn that Eliza was the intended target, and Joseph Simms, Eliza’s very first case, ordered the hit.

Fitzroy in Miss Scarlet and The Duke 2x06

Allow me to say it has been really nice seeing Fitzroy slowly shaping up into a detective. He still has a ways to go, and he is still struggling a bit in the confidence department, but you can see how much he has grown by respecting William and listening to his advice. My heart broke for the poor chap when William finally snapped and revealed the reason for his departure.

Fitzroy clearly doesn’t want William to go, but you can also see the significant impact William has left on Fitzroy later in the episode when Fitzroy confronts Simms on his own. Fitzroy willingly placed himself in danger to prove himself to William, which he has never been motivated to do, even for his father. Furthermore, it’s Fitzroy who eventually stands up for William in front of his father’s wrath.

Fitzroy and the detectives in Miss Scarlet and The Duke 2x06 "The Proposal"

It was fighting for William that finally gave Fitzroy the motivation to round up the detectives and unanimously stand their ground that they will resign if William leaves.

Eliza does eventually get the better of Joseph Simms by poisoning him again. (Hey, if ain’t broke…) She also learns that Hattie is engaged, and her aunt is throwing the engagement party the same night. She heads off to the party with Ivy and Mr. Potts while Fitzroy holds his stance against his father and saves William’s job. At the party, Eliza seems consumed in her thoughts as she keeps her eyes on the couples around the room.

Stuart Martin as William "The Duke" Wellington and Kate Phillips as Eliza Scarlet  in Miss Scarlet and The Duke Season 2 Episode 6
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In grand fashion, both Eliza and William head toward each other’s location, missing each other until they finally meet at her office. Before William can say anything to her about staying in London, Eliza announces she has something to say to William until she gets distracted by the fact that he’s not on the train to Glasgow. William assures Eliza that he’s remaining in London, much to her happiness, but presses her to share what she was going to say. She hesitates and says it doesn’t matter because he’s staying, only for him to respond, “It matters to me.” (I’m sure you all squealed, don’t deny it.)

As he inches closer and reaches for her hand, they are oh-so-inconveniently interrupted by a lit Ivy and Mr. Potts, both of who had been searching for Eliza. So, that’s that moment ruined, but I’m glad Ivy is living her best life right now. The foursome then heads up to Eliza’s office for some sherry and charades.

Well, they were close to finally getting together, but what fun would that be for us viewers? If you can’t maintain the suspense, luckily for you,  Miss Scarlet and The Duke Season 3 will be available on PBS Passport starting November 24. You can also catch the upcoming season on PBS in January. And until then, I’m sure many of you have some thoughts about the finale. 

Now streaming on PBS: What are your thoughts on Miss Scarlet and The Duke 2×06 “The Proposal?” Let us know in the comments below.


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