‘Mythic Quest’ Season 3 Review: Hilarious and More Emotionally Coded

Mythic Quest Season 3 key art
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Mythic Quest Season 3 is the series at its best. After two hilarious and heartfelt seasons, the streak continues with more humor and surprising dynamics that expand the show’s heart while allowing the characters to grow into better versions of themselves. 

While we can’t reveal much because every moment deserves to be watched spoiler free, the amount of heart behind the curtains (or codings) this season is on a new level. From the first episode to the last, each minute is packed with the type of development that thrusts the characters toward better and more nuanced places, even when it seems they’re going backward in growth. If I cried during specific moments, chances are audience members might too.

Ian and Poppy in Mythic Quest Season 3
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The series knows where it wants to go and how to get there, and the writers are expanding the story in brilliant ways by allowing the characters to take center stage in driving the plot. Multiple cast members directed a few episodes this year, and it’s easy to say they are the best of the season without question. Further, last week, two of us at Marvelous Geeks got to attend a cast Q&A at The Grove’s Apple Store, where David Hornsby, Charlotte Nicdao, Ashly Burch, Danny Pudi, Imani Hakim, and Naomi Ekperigin discussed the upcoming season. Hornsby mentioned the decision to switch up partnerships, and we can attest that some of the new dynamics are outright genius.

When it comes to ensemble casts, it’s always refreshing to see different characters coming together to form unlikely alliances, however reluctant they may be. But when it comes to this series especially, we rarely get the women bonding closely, and Mythic Quest Season 3 allows us to see expansions that evolve into something even more memorable in the series.

Though begrudgingly, characters are looking out for each other more, and while they’ve always felt like a dysfunctional family, it’s far more prevalent now. The more the characters are tested, the more surprisingly profound the connections become. They’re a family, and as evident as it is off-screen, the cast’s bond bleeds into the character arcs beautifully. 

Additionally, as fans can see from the trailer, there’s a one-year time jump, Ian and Poppy are presumably doing great at GrimPop, and Brad is back to Mythic Quest as a janitor. (His character is on another level of fascinating this season.) Mythic Quest, the game, is also getting into a movie, and Joe Manganiello will supposedly play Ian. We won’t confirm or deny it, but we will say it’s funnier than what the trailer showcases. There’s also a Christmas special this season (visible in the trailer), which we can guarantee will likely be on everyone’s yearly watchlist because it’s an absolute delight through and through.

Danny Puti and David Hornsby as David and Brad in Mythic Quest Season 3
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In a nutshell, Mythic Quest Season 3 dives into profoundly moving territories as we dig into character pasts and mix around the dynamics. Where we begin the season and end are metaphorically two different places, which does a superb job of showcasing growth while confirming that broken pieces will be repaired. There are ways to go, and since we know that the series has been renewed, there’s a high chance that Season 4 will be even better. For now, we have until next year to continue looking toward an explosive season where everyone’s chops are on display brilliantly. 

Mythic Quest Season 3 is exquisitely engrossing, with creatively compelling narratives and profoundly moving dynamics that make every moment better than the one before. 

Also, as per the trailer, Ian Grimm would be proud to know that I wrote this review in my notes app before transferring it over because of my busy schedule this week.

Mythic Quest is currently streaming on Apple TV+.

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