Music Monday: ‘Enola Holmes 2’ (Original Score) by Daniel Pemberton

Enola Holmes 2 original score cover

Daniel Pemberton returns to give us another incredible original score we’ll be replaying for the rest of the year (or basically until the next release). As brilliant and fun as the first, the Enola Holmes 2 original score is a delight through and through. 

Comprised of 29 songs that span an hour and four minutes, the original score features some familiar beats from the first film, but they’re amplified and mixed with other pieces to create wondrous, transportive melodies. To match the sequel’s tone and changing dynamics, more emotional sounds in this album allow Pemberton to bring some beautiful themes to our ears.

We need to give a special shoutout to tracks like “Dancing Lessons,” “Enola and Tewkesbury,” “The Truth of Gods,” and “The Only Power We Have.” As some of the slower ballads in the sequel’s original score, these bring an exquisite balance to the faster, more perilous sounds that are still a whole lot of fun to listen to. 

In general, the Enola Holmes 2 original score, much like the initial release, brings something so effortlessly lively to the musical world. The sounds are adventurous, distinct, and so tastefully done to create something profoundly memorable. The films are as appealing because the soundtrack goes hand-in-hand with creating a marvelous, enjoyable gem to watch despite the heavy topics the cases bring to the surface. 

“Enola Holmes (One Flame To Start A Fire)” is the final track on the album, mixing the original theme with newer sounds to create something that’s not only memorable but an absolute tearjerker. And given the context of the final few scenes, this last track acts as a beautiful character study to showcase how far everyone’s come. It’s also a love letter to the detail that, for all characters, the future is brighter than the past.

Listen to the Enola Holmes 2 original score below, and let us know which tracks are your favorites.


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