Abbott Elementary “Attack Ad” Review: The Good Side of Advice

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Abbott Elementary “Attack Ad” Spoilers Ahead

Abbott Elementary Season 2 Episode 7 “Attack Ad” looks into standing firm on the decisions we make while simultaneously revealing that Abbott might be under threat of changing. 

After last week’s glorious Halloween special, we’re diving straight into what’s actually a scary territory—fighting against people determined to bring out the worst in you. As it turns out, one of the film crew members wasn’t there for the proper purposes and instead was sent to grab footage to showcase the teachers at Abbott aren’t as great. The CEO who approved of all this was Draymond Winding (Leslie Odom Jr.), one of Barbara’s first students when she first began teaching, and as the final moments reveal, he’s determined to turn Abbott into a charter school.

QUINTA BRUNSON, TYLER JAMES WILLIAMS as Gregory and Janine in Abbottt Elementary
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While the series is a comedy, and we know with utmost certainty that the school will be fine, it also takes on realistic depictions of the threats that millions of school face. Additionally, it handles breakups with a realism that’s incredible to see right now through Janine’s uncertainties and heartaches. In Abbott Elementary’s “Attack Ad,” Gregory steps up to voice his concerns to Janine, telling her that dinner with Tariq again might not be a good idea. 

Janine’s comment about it not being Gregory’s business is fascinating because she’s the type of person who makes everything her business. It’s a moment like this that frankly tells us that it’s not what’s being said to her, but it’s the fact that it’s coming from Gregory. Because if Barbara or Melissa stepped forward to comment, she wouldn’t say anything; she’d take their advice immediately. But the issue here is about Gregory discussing her relationship openly while it clearly hurts her to watch him flirt with women.

At the end of the day, this is a slow-burn romance that’s developing through trust and fortifying a friendship. It’s about the little moments that showcase that they’re both interested in the other, even when they don’t quite understand what’s happening. Neither can read the other’s signs, no matter how obvious it is. There’s a profound connection here that relies not only on honest moments but also on paying attention to each other and the little things that matter most. In the same way that he realized she parted her hair to the other side, Gregory knowing that her favorite movie is Jumanji says more than we need to know how much he cares for her.

It continues to fortify everything beautifully, making their development feel more natural and grounded.

LESLIE ODOM JR. and SHERYL LEE RALPH in Abbott Elementary Season 2 Episode 7 "Attack Ad"
(ABC/Gilles Mingasson)

But Abbott Elementary’s “Attack Ad” is more so another comforting reminder that the Barbara Howards of the world can change lives. They make people feel seen, allow us to believe in ourselves, and enable us to understand that our actions have a purpose. If we do, in fact, see more of Draymond, I’m especially looking forward to seeing how his views could potentially change as he dives deeper into examining Abbott specifically as a school. 

Fabricating the truth through ads is a danger to our world that can become a cesspool to examine, but the episode clarifies that there are always two sides to every story. This ad was a blatant fabrication of the truth. Showing the audience could certainly open the door for more episodes dealing with real-life propaganda and understanding real news versus what’s untrue.

None of this is over yet, and as the teachers at Abbott continue to fight to make more significant, more promising impacts, we, as viewers, are comforted by each passing episode. As hilarious as “Attack Ad” was, there’s something about the energy this week that made the importance of a community more apparent than ever. These teachers care for one another tremendously, and when they come together, things are just better.

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