‘A Day Until Forever’ by Erin Langston Review: A Sweet and Spicy Must-Read Autumn Novella

A Day Until Forever by Erin Langston cover
©Erin Langston

There are far too few well-written mildly spooky yet sweet and spicy autumnal historical romances in the market, and A Day Until Forever by Erin Langston joins the ranks of must-reads effortlessly. Langston’s debut novella is so enticingly amusing that you’ll be undoubtedly shocked to learn this is the author’s first time publishing. 

The novella follows the magnetically rebellious Rosalie Holland and busy-body Raymond Travers in a forced proximity debacle at an autumn festival. There might not be one bed, but there’s an abandoned mill, bickering, tons of tension, and a romantic hero who reminds me of my favorite Lisa Kleypas man, the electric Harry Rutledge. A Day Until Forever by Erin Langston is for the Tempt Me At Twilight, and It Happened One Autumn girlies. (It’s us.)

While the novella’s short length tragically doesn’t allow for too much development, Langston makes it seamless to feel the adoration pulsing from every page, allowing the gradual yet deliciously quick progression to feel organic and palpable, especially for a historical romance. Once we move beyond Rosalie’s pursuit of the dull and dreary Ian Renwood, the tension begins thoroughly bursting from the page. Now, don’t misunderstand; the yearning is there from the moment our heroes meet—it simply grows more tantalizing in the best way.

Plus, Langston’s means of incorporating lighthearted spooky season elements into the autumnal air makes it that much more intoxicating while reading during this time of year. They might not have had Halloween back then, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t hold superstitions or beliefs. It doesn’t mean that haunts and ghoulish conversations weren’t a topic of discussion. And though there’s a spin on the actual events, it never feels like anything but a realistic depiction of something that perfectly balances the real and supernatural. Some parts might also remind viewers of the most excellent witchy film ever made, Practical Magic. 

There’s enough backstory, buildup, and emotional vulnerability to allow us to understand why Rosalie and Raymond are destined for one another while simultaneously teasing Langston’s full-length debut novel Forever Your Rogue and the characters it’ll follow. 

In addition to writing a believable romance in the short amount of time readers have with the characters, Langston does an excellent job of painting the scenery and driving the places and feelings to come alive through the words she sews together. If, like me, you’re burning up in sunny California and itching for autumn’s chill, the words on the page will manage to help simulate the ideal escape. Where tone, character development, and writing are concerned, Langston has an intriguing way of diving into a brilliant balance that exudes heart-tugging angst and delightful humor.

There’s a high chance that you’ll want more of the characters from A Day Until Forever by Erin Langston while still finding yourself thoroughly satisfied with everything you get. 

The novella is available for free through Langston’s subscriber list, one you’ll want to get on because if this glimmer into her writing is any indication of her skills, her debut novel is going to have us all in a delicious chokehold.


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