Music Monday: ‘See How They Run’ (Original Soundtrack) by Daniel Pemberton

See How They Run original soundtrack by Daniel Pemberton cover art
©20th Century Studios

As delightful as the film, Daniel Pemberton once again outdoes himself in the See How They Run original soundtrack. Pemberton’s unique style and the ability to mesh quick-paced melodies with slower ballads have resulted in some of my favorite original scores, this one following in its footsteps. 

The original soundtrack is comprised of 31 tracks that span one hour and five minutes. For fans of the genre, or even Pemberton’s work as a composer, sounds will be recognized immediately as his if you also spend hours listening to his past work like the Enola Holmes soundtrack or, my personal favorite, The Man From U.N.C.L.E’s. It could also pair well with the Knives Out original soundtrack, even though they’re done by different composers. 

While most songs cater lustrously to the decade (the 50s), Pemberton’s work remains unmatched when intermingling jazz into darker, suspenseful tunes. Tracks like “Platonic,” “A Private Conversation, Betrayed,” “A Bit of an Overreaction,” “Reveal With A Rifle,” “Owed An Apology,” and “…And A Big Explosion” carry out the second half with easy to replay beautiful ballads.

Finally, the soundtrack concludes with its theme, “See How They Run,”—a delightful number full of all sorts of mischief in every string and beat. Though the title is based on the children’s song, if you listen carefully, you’ll either hear the same melody, or you’ve got it stuck in your head, and you’re losing it a bit—either or, but it’s a doozy of a number, no less.

Pemberton closes the case shut with the See How They Run soundtrack, and if you’re also fond of listening to such genre scores in the autumn, now’s the best time to do so. 

Listen to the See How They Run original soundtrack below and tell us which tracks are your favorites.


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