Music Monday: ‘Born Pink’ by Blackpink

Long have we waited for a Blackpink comeback, and at last, she’s here! Spoiler alert—she’s perfect.

Born Pink by Blackpink album cover
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During their hiatus, Rosé released some emotional tracks, and Lisa dropped a couple of fun, upbeat songs, but other than that, we have been waiting for a new Blackpink group release since The Album in 2020. Now, Born Pink, released on September 16, is finally here for our enjoyment.

The Album was so good too that I was absolutely desperate to see what they would do next (as I always am, I suppose). Nobody can make you feel like you could kick down a door but also make you shed a couple of tears in the same album quite like this quartet. I’m always game to add a few more of their songs to my playlist, and Born Pink absolutely delivers.

Title Tracks

One of the fun things about Blackpink is that they tend to use two different types of concepts for their songs. Some (those using the “black” concept) are dark and powerful and feature Jennie and Lisa rapping. They make you feel like you could kick down a door without grievously injuring yourself (which we all know just is not the case in real life). The songs using the “pink” concept, however, are usually a bit more pop-focused and feature the girls’ vocals.

The first song released from Born Pink, “Pink Venom,” is a fun and more rap-heavy tune with a somewhat silly but frustratingly catchy chorus. The music video, of course, has incredibly stunning visuals and the girls deliver with their dancing (as always). I may be biased, but Lisa’s first rap stands out, and I love the melody that is incorporated. The way Jennie included her costume to blend with the vocals in the first portion of the video is just stunning, while Rosé and Jisoo’s soaring, sassy vocals in the bridge sound incredible. So fun that Rosé got to use her guitar for the video, too! 

If you happened to walk by while I dropped it in the most rhythm-deficient way possible to this song while mowing my lawn, mind your business.

Shut Down,” the second song released, is another more rap-heavy track that is equally fun and will definitely make you feel like you can punch through a brick wall with your bare hands but don’t try it. Dance instead! One thing I love about this song is the powerful choreography, along with how seamlessly the group blends during the chorus. The beat is seriously infectious, so don’t judge me for busting a move while I fold my laundry or while I’m working out.


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The most surprising song of the release for me is “Hard to Love.” I just can’t get this one out of my head! Blackpink’s b-sides are always favorites of mine, but something about this one speaks to my soul. The sweetness in Rosé’s voice is such a good vehicle for this song. Anyone can relate to this message, so I think I speak for everyone when I say: Rosé, please step on me.

Other favorites of mine in Born Pink include the triumphant and danceable “Ready for Love” and “Tally” (and not just because they get to swear in the latter). “Tally” is such an interesting song not only because it shows some dimension in the rap and vocals but because the lyrics address a common double standard regarding the love lives of women versus men.


Every song on this album is worth your time, especially since it could be the last time we get a full Blackpink release. If you like fun pop music, this is definitely for you.

Regardless of whether the girls stay together or go their separate ways, the work they’ve done here shows their futures are bright, and my terrible dancing will (obviously) continue.

I hope everyone enjoyed this comeback as much as I did. If you haven’t listened to the full album yet and just stuck to the title tracks, definitely do! You will not be disappointed.


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