Chesapeake Shores “It’s Not For Me To Say” Review

Chesapeake Shores “It’s Not For Me To Say” Spoilers Ahead

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Though Chesapeake Shores, unfortunately, takes some time to find its footing in its final season, Episode 7, “It’s Not For Me To Say,” steps back toward more organic storytelling as it prepares to say goodbye.

When the family gathers to learn more about Carrie and Caitlyn’s DNA results and not to celebrate Bree’s birthday, the O’Brien family feels a little more grounded and real. The absence of Diane Ladd’s Nell has been sorely felt this season, which makes this the first episode where it feels a little okay that she isn’t there. (I wasn’t the only one hoping she’d make appearances, was I?) Otherwise, most of the season screamed a bit too loudly towards drama for the sake of it.

Chesapeake Shores works best when it allows its characters to be multifaceted, which is one of the things that I loved so much about how it handled Jess’ journey throughout the show’s earlier seasons. And though this episode lacked the surprising greats of the season that are Connor O’Brien and Margaret, it was still a solid episode that reminded viewers of the pieces we’d miss most. With three more to go, it’s anybody’s guess where the series will end. 

Still, for now, at least, the relationships are better than they’ve ever been.


Abby and Evan

I was rooting for Evan from the moment Robert Buckley was announced to join the cast because every fictional relationship he’s a part of is an absolute delight. (See: Clay Evans and Quinn James from One Tree Hill.) But it didn’t seem like the series knew what it wanted to do with his character until a few episodes into this final season. And in this episode especially, he and Abby are at their best as the two of them awkwardly conclude that they love each other.

Abby deserves someone who understands the value and weight of having love in his life, which clearly, at this point, Evan does. And though it seems too soon, in the romance genre, these things are often easier to believe than not. After some time, it finally feels like Abby’s in a relationship that’s genuinely good for her and one that can be good for her kids as well. Evan is that guy, and watching him be part of the family while they bantered later was delightful through and through.

Bree and Luke

Bree and Luke in Chesapeake Shores Season 6 Episode 7
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Of all the men in Bree’s life, it’s safe to assume that Luke’s the best to have ever crossed her path. Their dynamic is a lot of fun, and in this episode specifically, it was ridiculous to see them see-saw back and forth between Kevin about birthday presents. Though I had reservations about them earlier because some bits still hadn’t felt as organic as I wanted them to, much of that changed this week as their repartee took center stage, making them appear like a more seamless couple. (Or, budding couple, rather.)

This show could’ve benefited so much from taking the traditional romance path and allowing every season to focus on one couple while established couples made appearances here and there instead of thrusting them into something all at once. But…this isn’t a romance though there are large chunks of it in the series.

Jess and David

Jess and Abbey in Chesapeake Shores "It's Not For Me To Say"
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Jess and David are the reason I stuck with the series, and so far this season, they’re at their best in Chesapeake Shores’ “It’s Not For Me To Say.” The entire scenario with David’s family scandal threw me off course but watching Jess comfort a tearful David to remind him that he needs closure was gorgeous to watch. Jess of people knows what it’s like to harbor damaging feelings toward someone without confronting them, and it’s fascinating to see the series continue playing with that arc instead of shrugging it off like it’s been forgotten. 

David’s moment of vulnerability was incredible to watch, making the episode that much more heartwarming as it tackled the darkness and layers within a family once again. It was a reminder to David that despite the uncertainties, his relationship with Jess is a constant that makes any situation more bearable.

Kevin and Sarah

Kevin and Sarah in Chesapeake Shores Season 6 Episode 7
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These two. Finally. Kevin knowing the gender of their baby like the complete goon that he is, felt so right for them as a couple. But also, seeing the organic development of their fears coming to light as they take this journey into the next part of Sarah’s pregnancy has been both lovely and a bit heartbreaking to see. 

Their shared joy and vulnerability have been one of the best parts of Chesapeake Shores since Season 2, and every journey they cross together seems to work more and more seamlessly. The season didn’t feel complete until they returned home from Maui, and now every news they share makes scenes much lovelier.

Chesapeake Shores “It’s Not For Me To Say” sees the beginning to the end. As the kids will likely move out and scatter, it’s lovely to see that Mick and Megan will be living under one roof again. While we don’t know what’s in store, at the very least, we can be confident (or hopeful) that a happy ending will follow each of them. 

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